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I got an e-mail saying I was LWOP’d.  That means I was charged for Leave With Out Pay.  Do you know why?  Teachers get 6 sick days for Sept-Jan, then 6 more to last until June.  Out of those days, 3 can be personal days.  If you are one of those folks who says some ridiculous shit like “Teachers get their whole summers off” please move on.  I really don’t have time for that.  From 8:30 until 4:15, teachers at my school are busy.  We have a 15 minute “break” for attendance in the morning and bathroom time, then we get a “break” for our lunch, which is supposed to be 30 minutes, but is usually 20.  The rest of the time is spent doing things.  This past year was so difficult I don’t even know how I made it through.  I schedule all my yearly doctors visits before school, so of course, last August a lump was found.  It turned out to be okay after much testing, but by that point, it was September.  I never, ever use my precious days that early.  Many other days were used for my own genetic health problems, which means I go to the doctor for the rest of my life.  Period.

Most of the time, people are supportive.  I don’t advertise what I go through on a regular basis nor should I have to.  I have always been honest and upfront with everyone who asks me.  I have always told my current administrator that I could provide doctor’s notes if needed, but he was supportive and it was never asked.  Who in their right mind would want to have pints of their blood taken for the rest of their life?  Maybe someone with a vampire fetish.  I don’t know.  Note to readers, have you had a check-up lately?  Now is a great time to make sure your ferritin level is normal and not trying to kill you.  Anyway, moving on.  I posted a Facebook status about scheduling relaxation time.  When I woke up a begrudging soul had written something negative on my post.  Now I don’t know how you feel, but I feel it is my space, and you can go and be negative in your own.  So I restricted said person.  Now she can have her own space with which to write bitter things.  I’m going to Happyland and build a moat around it.  Maybe fill it with gators.  Call ahead if you want to visit.  Positivity is welcome.

“I do believe we’re all connected.  I do believe in positive energy.  I do believe in the power of prayer.  I do believe in putting good out into the world.  And I believe in taking care of each other.”  ~Harvey Fierstein 


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