The Burned Hand


Press play right now to find out how I can instantly help you improve the relationship with your thoughts today! You get a quick and easy guide to journaling that will help you immediately feel better and I would like to introduce myself to you and tell you a little bit about what I do here on the blog.

Thank you for watching and feel free to add this page to your bookmarks. ~Aimee Halpin

Somewhere along the way, I got lost. I followed paths created by the beliefs and opinions of anyone but myself. I gave up my control, my own control of all things. I stopped doing my hair, I stopped making healthy choices. People seemed to accept me more when I cared less for myself. I gave in to the acceptance and lost myself in the process. One day, when scrolling mindlessly through the opinions of others on Facebook, I read a blog post by The Burned Hand, Aimee, it hit home immediately, I then signed up for the newsletter, which I couldn’t get enough of so I looked for more, and I found the Head Heart Health Club, I joined. I was skeptical at first, didn’t take it seriously, then I started really listening, listening with my heart, I started journaling daily, lost as to what to write, but I did it, every day, and continue to. Every single day, something new opens up to me. I do all of the yoga every day now as well. I’d like to think this happened by chance, but it I really don’t think so. How is it possible for exactly what you need, exactly when you need it, happen by chance? I am no longer lost. The progress I have made in 3 months, is more than I have made in my lifetime. I am not afraid to move forward, I’m not afraid to succeed, or fail. This has changed my life, in more ways than I can even list. The gratitude I feel toward Aimee and The Head Heart Health Club is immeasurable! It is truly a gift! – Naomi Marvin



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