Welcome to the page!  I am Aimee, and this blog has been my journey.  I have helped hundreds of thousands of people over the years through my writing, and as such, decided to develop an online catalog that could help you right now with learning how to increase journaling, add a little meditation to your day, and increase your awareness of the present moment.  The cool thing about this is that through my online catalog app, you can send my e-books to your Kindle.  Have a look here:

After Completing my Yoga Certification…

Don’t just take my word for it, here is what a Club member has to say about her own personal healing journey:

Somewhere along the way, I got lost. I followed paths created by the beliefs and opinions of anyone but myself. I gave up my control, my own control of all things. I stopped doing my hair, I stopped making healthy choices. People seemed to accept me more when I cared less for myself. I gave in to the acceptance and lost myself in the process. One day, when scrolling mindlessly through the opinions of others on Facebook, I read a blog post by The Burned Hand, Aimee, it hit home immediately, I then signed up for the newsletter, which I couldn’t get enough of so I looked for more, and I found the Head Heart Health Club, I joined. I was skeptical at first, didn’t take it seriously, then I started really listening, listening with my heart, I started journaling daily, lost as to what to write, but I did it, every day, and continue to. Every single day, something new opens up to me. I do all of the yoga every day now as well. I’d like to think this happened by chance, but it I really don’t think so. How is it possible for exactly what you need, exactly when you need it, happen by chance? I am no longer lost. The progress I have made in 3 months, is more than I have made in my lifetime. I am not afraid to move forward, I’m not afraid to succeed, or fail. This has changed my life, in more ways than I can even list. The gratitude I feel toward Aimee and The Head Heart Health Club is immeasurable! It is truly a gift! – Naomi Marvin

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