Journal Coaching

with Aimee Halpin

What is Journal Coaching?

Journal coaching is a very specific style of wellness coaching that I offer online.  Each online workshop is different, but the path to wellness remains clear.  You can call it soul journaling or writing to ignite your inner fire, but whatever you call it, it works immediately to give you a plan to use that day!!

My method takes years off discovering what your block might be and is a great way to tap into what is really going inside of you.

What can journaling do for you?

• Decrease stress & anxiety over time
• Improve self-confidence & self-esteem almost immediately
• Heal relationships
• Manage life transitions with ease
• Clarify life and career goals
• Act aligned with personal desires
• Improve communications
• Develop greater self-awareness
and inner wisdom
• Recover from fears that are
blocking your dreams

We de-clutter your beliefs around fear and get to the main core of what is really stopping you achieve what you want.  We make a plan with tips on how to move forward.

I use my intuitive coaching method to help you move forward in life.

Right now, I specifically offer these online classes:

If you want more group style coaching instead of work at your own pace, please see the Head|Heart|Health Club as we have monthly live classes, a library of tutorials that members have access to 24/7 all over the world and even Yoga for Working from Home is included there!

In case you need a reminder of what it did for me, read this:

Journaling: How it Healed My Life

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