No motivation after having kids? Do this with me! (Here’s why)

I started learning a NEW workout program.  I ordered it last month, but knew my mind needed to get through the 111th day of January before I started it.  THANK goodness it is now, finally, not January.

You see, I do this ridiculous thing where I set a goal, and yes I achieve it, but once I do, I’m like, “Okay.  I am in shape.  Whew.  That was enough for now.” Or whatever happens in my brain.  I DO teach yoga and do the yoga, but that in itself is not enough.  So I add in a workout program, BUT once I reach that goal I seem to just kind of stop after a while.  That happened with the COVID year.  The year of Voldemort…or years because to be honest, it’s now the next year and we’re still here fighting the Dementors my friends.  For reference, I call bad thoughts demons or Dementors as they suck the life out of you.

If you have followed me a while you know this.  I am geek.  A mom of 2 girls 18 months apart.  Child 1, a very long labor, and things happened, but she was born about as natural as I could make it.  I did end up having an epidural because things you don’t want to know, but she made it out of the ole’ area.  Child 2.  Emergency c-section and I prayed, panicked, and cried and the last thing I remember was thinking please let her be fine because some very scary things happened and a team was there.  It was scary…so scary that I didn’t have time to process what was happening in my c-section, and the years following it, well, they were hell on my stomach in many ways.  IF you have had a c-section and ended up with a side stitch, pain, or what felt like adhesion or even possibly diastasis recti, I can understand your lack of motivation.  Trust me. It would be 6 more years after my emergency c-section before I could garden without pain, learn to workout all over again, and even do ONE crunch.  ONE.

I had to have my scar opened again before I was even able to move forward, but that’s another story.  IF you are in doubt and are in pain, please see a doctor about why you are still in pain after a c-section, FYI.

So after all that, the healing, the mind demons, the stuff that said I wasn’t worthy, my stomach was hanging over my pants, my scars were pretty long, etc.  AFTER all that, I finally said F it.  And I put the planning mind into place.  That is the ONLY way to move through having no motivation and having doubts.  You have to put your plan in place and you have to act on it by a certain date.

Want to move forward no matter what?  Here’s how to go for it.

  1. Stop making excuses. It’s not the right time.  I don’t have room.  I need more X << X can be money, time, exercise partners, equipment, time to food prep or whatever you think is stopping you.  NO matter what X is, it’s a block.  (x=block…x=mind demon)  Clear X away and say to yourself that is an excuse.  Say it out loud when you feel your mind saying that.
  2. Start getting a plan together.  A plan replaces X.  So my plan was to enroll in my online workout program and start by today, February 1st.  I had to get all my weights, and food prepped.  I did that.
  3. Dress for the job you want…they say.  So it’s cold, and snow/rainy, but I woke up and dressed in workout clothes so I could get it done.
  4. Press play, write, run, walk or whatever the thing is.  I cleared the office, had it all ready to go.  And…danced first.  Yes.  I did a dance party to Micheal Jackson, I still love 80’s music, and then I did my workout.
  5. Take time to write out your goals and that you started or did the thing on day whatever.  Track your progress.  I do not like the before and after photos, but hey, they work.  I have before and afters of my c-section and what I did to get back in shape.  I had photos after I did 80 days of workouts.  I will take photos this time as well.

All of this to say, if you want to do the thing, walk around repeating a mantra, get the plan, and do the thing.  I am here if you want my help as well in my Club as I am also about to uplevel my Club << to accountability levels and more.  Read that link if you are interested in how that works.

I know you can do this!!

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