Don’t Make Life More Difficult…4 Tips on What to Do Instead

I have been practicing changing my thoughts.  That’s no easy task when you take into consideration that you have been doing the same things, probably the same way, for years.

I have been looking at myself as objectively as possibly.  Why do I react this way?  What caused me to get so angry?  What about this situation did I contribute?  It is no easy task and to be honest, most people don’t look at life this way.

From what I have found, we blame ourselves for loads, but at the same time, we also blame others for things that really have nothing to do with them at all.  I recently saw a post about someone trying to lose weight.  You know, the whole it’s a new year, let’s lose weight thing.  They blamed age on not being able to lose weight, and yes, age is a factor in metabolism for sure, but the truth is if you were active to begin with, you can actually keep that metabolism you were accustomed to for longer periods of time and then it gradually declines.  Blaming age instead of your motivation doesn’t help you get motivated, right?  << I know.  It’s a big cycle.

So one area we make more difficult is health and that includes how we are eating.  Some people like to blame genetics and while genetics is certainly a factor, if you are eating right and taking care of your body, you can reverse many things.  See my about me if you don’t believe me.  At first, I did blame genetics…I mean I have genetic diseases.  I kind of had to blame genes.  But I then realized that was going to get me absolutely no where and I had to snap out of it, do my research and then heal myself.  While I understand comments blaming your disease, it’s time to stop that and find better ways around that.  The disease is just what it is.  You can change your thinking and thus change how you are managing your disease.

Here are 4 tips I am going to give you based off things I have personally tried and learned when I was managing my 7 invisible diseases back into their places (dormancy):
  1. You have to get over your old nonsense first.  When people come to me for coaching, they have reached the point they are tired of their nonsense.  They know they deserve better in life, and they know they can do things differently, but they really need an advocate in their corner who see through their own bullshit.  I can’t use any other words here because that’s what it is and you know it as well.  Even in my local yoga classes.  They are tired of the excuses they have been using and they know when they actually get in the class, everything melts away and they leave feeling so much better than before.  So the first step my friend, is to write out what you are tired of that is really nonsense in your life.  Take as long as you need.  On a separate piece of paper (my journalers know not to do this where you read it again).  Save that for a night you are done with the nonsense and have filled it up.  Then carefully, using a burn barrel or something like it, burn it and let it all go.
  2. You have to enlist in help.  If you could have done it alone, you would have by now, right?  You can use anyone you want to help you, but here are a few of the things I did.  I made sure I had all my latest test results, and vitamin/iron levels.  I researched who knew about my conditions, and then I made sure that I found a natural doctor because after 15 years of being treated the same way by my “specialist”, I wasn’t seeing the results I desired.  You can’t be afraid to change doctors.  I was for some reason back then because I felt like my “incurable” disease was being managed properly, only I still felt bad, so guess what?  I started a new plan.  Next, what support do you have?  I suggest no FB groups for anything you have UNLESS they are completely and totally uplifting and helpful.  If it nothing but 24/7 complaining and negativity, that will not move you forward.  If you have been in those, remove yourself for a period of time and see what happens.  Do not be tempted to re-join until you have been out of them and trying a new plan for months.  By that time, you will see a difference in your energy.  I started my group for this reason alone.  The Head|Heart|Health Club was born out of my need to have an online database of truly motivating and high energy tutorials so that we could change our behavior.  The group gets monthly live tutorials and then recorded ones as well to move them forward in their healing process.  I researched for over 20 years and put together the things that helped me for my group.
  3. You have to let go to move forward.  Again, this one is difficult, trust me, I know.  You can’t hold onto old things to move forward and sometimes, depending on what you believe, God, the Universe, insert your belief system here, moves them out of the way for you.  Old friendships that were holding you back fall apart.  Relationships that didn’t support you in any way at all vanish.  Jobs change and new people enter your life.  Don’t ask why this happen, start letting go and being present.  You will soon see why it happened.  Once you change your thoughts, your energy follows suit and then things will start to shape up into a better plan that you even thought could happen.  But you do have to let go of the past in order for this change to happen.
  4. You have to be thankful.  I remember the day I decided to stop being very angry at what had happened to me and count my blessings.  I was in such shock that I was so sick.  I was so angry that my children had to see their mother suffer.  I was so tired of nothing working the way I thought it should.  How could I not be healthy?  What joke was this?  How could I stop doing the one job I loved because I developed so many diseases that even my immune system couldn’t keep up?  I was focusing on everything that was wrong and failed to see what was right.  I woke up one morning after a particularly bad spell.  The day before I could hardly walk because of my (insert hereditary hemochromatosis making me anemic because of pint of blood being taken, porphyria cutanea tarda, epstein-barr virus flare up, fibromyalgia, Hashimoto’s autoimmune, MTHFR gene mutation, and of course secondary depression due to this mess), and I said enough!  I will not think about any of you guys (diseases) any longer.  I am thinking about my husband.  I am thinking about my kids.  I am thinking about my parents.  I am going to go back to yoga (and I did and then got yoga teacher trained).  I just said enough.  I also repeated to myself, I have faith that I am going to get through this.  That day, many of you who have been with me know, I wrote I am healing in dry erase marker on the bathroom mirror, and 5 years of 24/7 pain began to finally heal.  That very day.  6 months later, journaling every step of the way, and doing yoga and meditation, I changed my life.  I woke up pain free for the first time in years.

If you haven’t heard my story, there’s more of course.  I used this blog as a way to journal through it at first, so be sure to see the sidebar and the archives.  Start in January of 2011 and feel free to read as much as you want.  I was a different person back then and I have now helped hundreds of thousands of people start to move forward.  But it all started with me believing I could.

Interested in learning more about what I do or want to work with me?  The easiest and honestly, most economical way is to join the HHH Club.  << Go there to learn more and there are options to work 1:1 and more after you become a member.

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