My first link-up!


Hey friends!! I am stepping out of my comfort zone and trying something new in place of my Motivational Monday.  I have done that for a long time and would like a fresh start.  I am linking up with two bloggers and I really love what they are doing.  They are setting 3 main goals for the week and I think it helps you get a look into the lives of the bloggers who are doing this.  Oftentimes I write about how I overcome things, but rarely do I speak to the present moment goals I am accomplishing and I think that’s a very important thing to do.


Thank you to the above bloggers for inviting me!  This week’s goals:
  1. Continue to grow my wellness business Vitalize You.  I have a closed FB group for this page that helps women focus on eating habits, losing weight, and learning new tips without losing sight of the fact that they are beautiful in every size, shape and form.  I started this because of the reasons listed on the top tab that says Vitalize You:)
  2. Practice my yoga class for this Friday.  I am teaching and graduating from my Yoga Teacher Training this weekend and time has gotten away from me due to end of the school year things with my girls.  They are first, but I take commitments very seriously.  Probably too seriously…but there it is.  I have a strong work ethic and I am goal oriented.
  3. Relax would be a great goal for me…I work really late into the evening on a variety of projects.  As many of you know, I run my page The Burned Hand without help…and now ridiculous Facebook is telling me to answer messages faster…ummm they are spam on that page mostly.  However, that being said, I always, always answer every comment!!!  Do you know how hard that is to monitor that by myself???  One day I had a ginormous amount of comments and I read each one personally.  So if you are from over there, thank you for commenting!!  Please share these blog posts too.  I would love for you to follow the blog here with your e-mail:)  Facebook is hiding posts and the reach is becoming quite ridiculous.  You can check out all my button on this page to follow me in various places.



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