Motivational Monday…good thoughts

Remember when your mom used to say things like “A job worth doing is worth doing right the first time.”?  Well, what if you didn’t do it right the first time, then what happens?  Did you learn something new?  I hope so.  I feel like that is the story of my life.  There is no rewind button, so I just keep pressing forward.

I have a confession to make.  I worry.  I am a worrier.  I worry about almost everything.  It gets me absolutely nowhere.  That’s why a little over 5 years ago I began slowly trying to change my thoughts.  I try to focus on the good that can come out of a situation, but sometimes I fail.  The good news is that I am still learning.  I am still evolving.  I am still here.

So, for the next 21 days, I am focusing on the “good thoughts=good actions” project.  I just made this up, so you are welcome to join (starting today).  I have some new friends on my Facebook page and they have been wonderfully positive influences, and I so needed that.  Each day, I want you to keep a journal, or set reminders on your phone, whatever floats your boat, to set aside 15 minutes and do something good, for yourself.  It can be deep breathing and thinking good thoughts.  This one requires you to push the negative thoughts out of your head when they arrive.  You can wake up 15 minutes earlier and do some stretches.  It can be 15 minutes of gardening.  Whatever you want to do, but each day set that time aside and think no harmful thoughts.

Trust me when I say I know how hard it is. Motivate your self to think positive thoughts daily, even if it is just for 15 minutes at a time.  After 21 days, a new habit will be formed.  A positive one.  Try it and see:)

“Write it on your heart that every day is the best day in the year.” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson



2 thoughts on “Motivational Monday…good thoughts

  1. Thanks for this post. I am in the same process as you are. Since a few weeks I have started to do breathing exercises when walking the dog (early in the morning). I can feel the change in my attitude, my mind gets clear and I see more and more things just positive !

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