Your Body on Toxic People: What happens?

What happens to your body when you are around toxic people for too long?

DRAMA.  Complaining.  Negative vibes.  An entire miserable life story that you get told day in and day out.  By the same person who never takes your advice and never does anything about it.  Up all night.  Messages like “I am sad.  Cheer me up.”  “I won’t come over unless you do something to make me feel better.”  Never once asking you how you feel, just dumping an entire week’s worth of negative emotions right on you in one message.  Verbally throwing up on you.

Again and again and again until you can’t it anymore and become sick…physically.  Mentally.  Spiritually.  They do not see it because all they see is their own “stuff” and even though you have told them what it does to you, they don’t seem to care.

That is the basis of a toxic friendship.

After spending any time with them, even a phone call, you feel physically drained because you are absorbing that toxicity.  You can actually go into adrenal fatigueI once had all the signs of it over and over again after each conversation with someone I worked with.

I actually thought for sure I had it and never put two and two together.  My body was going into fight or flight around this person because I was on edge and wasn’t able to let my guard down.

I had two very close friends, one at work and one in my circle of moms, both telling me they were unhappy in their marriages and yet not doing anything about it at all.  Not a thing.  Except they wanted to cheat on their husbands thinking they needed something different.  That kind of secret actually made me ill.  I liked both of their husbands very much and had been around them for couple’s nights, and our kids knew each other.

My immune system started suffering majorly as a result of me replaying what one of them actually did to her best friend in my mind.  My endocrine system (as yours would do too if you are like me, and honest) was prepared for an emergency situation, but there wasn’t one for me really.  It was what I was thinking about.  I had to stop that cycle of thoughts immediately.

I finally made the call to cut off the friendship of one, and then the other would follow later that year.

You see, in times of high stress, your body is already showing you that this type of behavior pattern is not worth it for your health.

Yes, I get it.  Kids might be involved as well as family members.  Some other symptoms you are going to experience are high blood pressure, increased acne/skin issues, and to be honest, a possible panic attack or heart attack.

The question you have to ask yourself right now is this relationship worth my health?  If the answer is no, and you need a toolkit, come join us immediately.

I am running a 5 day boot camp, and trust me, your body will thank you for this.  Your life is more important than this toxic friendship, relationship, or co-worker.  I will share with you how to get away from these people even if you have to see them. >> Join US <<

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