Winter Solstice Fun

It’s the shortest day and the longest night of the year.

I am going out in the sun for a bit, taking a nice walk, and then tonight will light candles. A few things that you can do to have fun celebrating and creating crafty things are as follows.

Dry Oranges with your family. I did this last year so check out this link right here.

I once made these cute little ice bird feeders when it was very cold and snowy in Virginia. Here are 19 DIY Bird Feeders and your family will have fun with this!

Some people, like me, choose to light candles and enjoy the evening with the soft glow of candlelight. You can line your driveway with lanterns and just enjoy the glow. My parents neighborhood always put out the milk carton lanterns, and I miss it. It was really fun to see the whole place glowing. This is very fancy here << or you can literally cut the plastic cartons.

I have never done this next one, but look out! A real gluten-free Yule Log!! This sounds really nice so I think that might be on my to-do list.

Lastly, you can read stories about winter to your children, and rotate out your book bins. I loved doing that as a teacher. Talking about what clothes people wear when it’s cold, and how you need to check on the elderly in your neighborhood and bring animals in during colder months or make sure they have a warm area to sleep in. I hope this gives you some fun ideas today!

Happy Winter!


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