Swim in the sea…what are the benefits?

Years ago, I started researching the benefits of “cold therapy” as well as why I needed more magnesium in my life.

I read that cold therapy cold improve your immune system and that people with various autoimmune diseases actually felt better after short, cold showers. I tried it and almost died. But seriously, I did try it and while I can’t get up to Wim Hof standards, I have seen some benefits.

The BEST way for me to incorporate everything I found about immune systems and the fact that I could probably benefit from more magnesium in my life was to actually swim in the sea.

On a recent trip to the beach, I swam in the ocean every day we went to the beach, and I did feel very refreshed. Not just my body, my mind as well. And beach hair, wow. I had forgotten how it felt to just keep the salt water on me and not wash it off.

Let’s get to the science part…

Years ago when I suffered from all over body pain, the 24/7 pain for 5 years, they tried to say I had fibromyalgia as well as my Hashimoto’s Thyriod, and other diseases. See here if you want to read all the things I have been diagnosed with. Some were genetic, and therefore I do still have them, but through research, eating right, and yoga/exercise, I have managed to overcome the debilitating pain I was in daily.

Cold water was said to activate temperature receptors under the skin that release hormones like adrenaline, endorphins and cortisol, which would help musculoskeletal conditions such as mine…and if you have ever been in pain for 5 years straight, you understand the need to try anything to feel relief.

This part is also interesting about sea water. The magnesium absorption is not only beneficial for your skin, and guess what, more autoimmune conditions like eczema and psoriasis, which by the way my dad has, but the weird thing is that magnesium might help improve the moisture retention in your skin…which sounds crazy, but have you tried it? (Hint: Epsom Salt baths can also work here)

Side note: If you can’t sleep, have muscle spasms, and anxiety you might not be getting enough magnesium.

Let’s look at the benefits in a nutshell:

  • Swimming in the sea is good for healthy skin.
  • Cold strengthens the immune system, so jump in.
  • The lymphatic system is usually (I read lots about this over the years) was what was causing me pain in those 18 spots for fibro, so I read how to improve lymphatic drainage and cold water causes the lymph vessels to contract, forcing the lymphatic system to pump fluids and flush waste out of the area.
  • The absorption of magnesium in the water helps you relax (think bath) and then sleep better.
  • You generally feel better, more invigorated, and refreshed because you have released the good stuff in your body, and pushed the bad stuff out…basically.

So. If you can’t get to the sea, what do I personally recommend? Here are a few things that I use to help my body.

  • Ancient Minerals Bath Flakes (I buy these from Amazon)
  • The same thing in spray (for runners, this works well for leg spasms) Note: if it tingles like all get out on you the first time you use it, you were low in Magnesium. That eventually goes away.
  • If you have recently had a baby, try this one instead. Ask your doctor, but it helps with all kinds of things like hemorrhoids as well.

Again, I am not a doctor and none of this is to be used without you doing your research and asking your doctor, but I have researched natural things for over 20 years, when I was first diagnosed with Hereditary Hemochromatosis. I teach people how to be their own advocates and say this is not how my story is going to end…and I teach people to ask questions about their health care and nutrition. If you have brain fog from your thyroid or fibromyalgia, get all your vitamin levels tested and ask about magnesium today.

Want to know what else I teach? Here is my online catalog.


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