Change feels better when it’s done.

This month, I am going through changes.  Some changes I have really been avoiding until just like that, one day, I was fed up and poof! Pressed the delete button on my old platform.

It is interesting how we avoid change until it is literally forced on us.  There are some habits you get into, like worrying about things, that are doing you no good whatsoever, but you continue to think about the same things over and over.

A quote I like and posted the other day is “You are going to discover that worrying has no transformational value; worrying is rehearsing the very things you don’t want to happen.”  I don’t know who said this first, but we all KNOW this, right?

So I have made some big leaps and gotten some old, stuck energy moving.  I have deleted the way I used to do things simply because they were there and I thought that meant it is was easier, but in reality, I resented it.  Which then meant it wasn’t going anywhere.

Here is a new way I am going to do things, and bigger doesn’t mean better.  Not every product I made carried over because I wanted to put my top core items that are best seller here.  I have switched to a new platform where you can follow me, see what products are helping the lives of others, and join us in our monthly discussion Club if you’d like some ways to move forward from a cycle of overthinking.

I never say I have all the answers.  I don’t, but I am told I am very good at helping others navigate through their own personal worry as someone who takes a good look at why I make the same mistakes.  That is what the premise of this entire blog is about and if you didn’t know the meaning behind  “The Burned Hand Teaches Best” now you do.  If I have been through it, I can lead others through it as well.

Want to join us for a new, NO log-in, no content online platform?  Come find the Club.  It will be getting to what’s really bothering you, naming it, facing it, and kicking it’s ass.  Yup. No Willy Wonky stuff even though I am woo-woo.  I will really help you the way I help myself.

The dread in the pit of our stomachs comes from making a decision before we actually make that choice.  Overthinking.  Trapping yourself in that cycle of “what-if” this happens and before you know it, you have rehearsed the very thing you don’t want and therefore pulled it to you.  Stop that!!!  Come on now, we can do better in our heads, so again, learn to face it, pull the band-aid off, and let’s move.  Don’t believe me because you didn’t know the stuff I went through?  Here what I did to move forward.


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