3 Myths that Stop You from Moving Forward

I have heard over and over since the beginning of the year that it feels like we are standing still.  We are over thinking, not sleeping, and going over old mistakes.

Stress is becoming ingrained…and so are the constant reminders of ways that we are just not making it as we had once hoped by this point in our lives.

Social media is constantly saying we’re not good enough, we’re not skinny enough, or glamorous enough, and we are reminded by multiple different ads, gurus, and “influencers” that we could use some more income to reach our dreams.

I’m going to stop right here and let you in on a little secret.  All of that is a made-up story that is being told to you right now.  So let’s break down the top 3 myths and move the F on.

Myth Number One:  You are too ____ to change.

Here’s where I am going to break this down.  The blank can be filled with old, set in your ways, overweight, poor, or whatever block you repeat to yourself.  When I work with different clients, I can immediately tell what is blocking them by the words they use and the stories they tell me, that they have been repeating in their lives.

The myth here is that you are thinking in absolutes.  You are thinking it is over.  What is done is done.  And that part might be true…but you have to shift your thinking to what is past is past, and that can’t be changed.  But my friend, the present is always yours and that is where the work is done.  That is where I help people.  I give them baby steps right now around that awful blank up there.  And we work to change that myth first.  Which brings me to the next myth.

Myth Number Two: Change can’t be sustained.

This one takes baby steps and time to work on.  Can change be lasting?  of course it can.  Take me for example.  If you go back to the old archives on the side of the blog, you will read some pretty depressing posts in January of 2011.  You will read pain, hardly being able to move, and being diagnosed with many, many “incurable” diseases.  If that was where I stopped, I shudder to think where I would be now.

I might not be here…just being honest.  But I got mad.  I remember the day I felt it coming.  I left the last doctor’s office.  The one who shook with nerves because he walked in to tell me that I would forever be in pain and that I would not heal.  I had been in serious and chronic pain for 5 years straight, 24/7.  He literally told me my BEST and only hope was medicine for pain (and depression) that was setting in for the rest of my life.  I got so mad I said no.  I will not be on medicine that has all those side effects.  I will find a way.

Change can be sustained.  Whether it is losing weight, changing your attraction to the wrong people, stopping a cycle of addiction, or changing the cycle of over thinking, it can be sustained.

You just have to put one foot in front of the other and say today is not the day ___insert whatever/whoever/and so forth.  It could just be today is not the day brain.  We are working out together and I am done with your ideas.  They are not driving this body any longer unless they are helpful. Or something like that, but you get the picture.  And I can help you with your own personal mantra around what you are dealing with…just let me know in the Club and we’ll work on it together.

Myth Number Three: No one gets you and you have to do this alone.

Bullshit.  That is a story that you are telling yourself right now, and it is the same story I told myself for many years.  Why do we tell ourselves this?  Because change is scary, and it hurts to let people in.  What if we actually succeed?  What then?  Who are we without that story?  What friends might we have?  Do we have to lose the ones who are holding us back (yes, actually we do)?  What if they don’t like the new person?  The sober person?  Or the person who no longer wants to hang out with friends who are hurting us because they like us wounded?  << truth right there.

Wow.  It is so much to take in when we bust these myths, but after we stop telling ourselves these things, life gets a little bit less scary.  We start to see that there are people here for us, and so what if we lose the ones who want to hold us back.   They were only there to make themselves feel better about their lives anyway and you know this because after you start healing, or losing weight, or working out, or moving forward on whatever your goal is, they are no longer there.  Poof.  Gone.

So the truth is, you aren’t alone, but you will lose fake people once you decide that enough is enough.  And you will gain new friends, slowly if you are like me, because trust is something I take seriously, but it will happen again.  Just watch and see.

In the meantime, when you need a boost, when you need people who are on the same path as you are, and want to actually see you succeed and achieve great things, we would love to have you come along with us on this journey in the Head|Heart|Health Club.  Monthly pep talks are included as well as many other perks for being part of the exclusive online community, and you get your very own login to access the content whenever, and wherever, you need it.  There are absolutely no tie-ins and we’d love to help you move forward right now.  >>Join Us <<

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