As you toss and turn for the 5th night in a row, you wake up yet again and realize you were in the middle of a bad dream.  The stress you had all day has been transferred to your dreams.

Whatever you were around that day has been sucked up, like a straw, into your body.  Sometimes we mirror what we see in others, but equally, sometimes it can be you spreading it back as well.  This is very difficult to handle and trust me, I know how it feels.

Perhaps you have had a really bad day and then you get home and snap at your kids.  They start fighting with each other and then your partner, spouse or significant other comes home and things escalate.  You all got sucked into the overwhelm energy and you realize it started with you…so you feel guilty.  thus creating another cycle of negative energy and so on.

When someone dumps their poison onto others, it does not feel good.  When they transfer their fear, their chaos and their frustration on to you, how do you handle it?  Honestly, I don’t always handle it well IF I am already in a state of frustration myself.  And when do I get in that state?  I will give you one guess as it’s the reason you get in that state as well.  It’s when I drop my self-care because I am tired and exhausted…which is the wrong thing to do.

As someone who feels emotional highs and lows, it is important to recognize your triggers and signs.  Make a list of things that cause you frustration (or even people) and then try some of these tips as well.

  1. Journal around your feelings.  You guys already know that I teach a specific way to journal, but if you want to brain dump the toxic mess, write it somewhere that can be (safely) burned in a fire pit later.  If you are not journaling,>> you can read this later << as to why you should, but journal.  You only had bad feeling to lose.  Not sure how to start journaling?  I teach it in my monthly club, but I also offer a free download for you to get started here.  <<
  2. Yoga, meditation, and/or walking in nature.  When I let things pile up, my head tries this ridiculous line of thinking, that quite frankly, is sabotage.  Tired head thoughts: You are too tired for yoga.  You can do it another day.  Exercise will make you sore.  Eat some food and veg out.  No.  You are not helping yourself as this energy has to be changed and transmuted.  It doesn’t get that way by doing nothing.  Seriously.  Snap out of this.  I give myself a mental slap.  A body at rest stays in the state of energy it is in when it decides to rest.  Is it easy?  NO.  But you have to help yourself transform this energy and even a brisk round of breathing in and out for 5 rounds is better than doing nothing.  A walk is amazing.  Just don’t let yourself sit in the bad energy as it will linger.
  3. Channel animal energy.  I read about a study once that showed interacting with animals increases the hormone oxytocin, which inhibits stress hormones and makes us more calm and focused.  Keep a picture of your pet at your desk, or watch a funny animal video for your lunch break.  Try this: visualize your hands in the soft fur of your pet, or your pet being happy to see you.  Just hold that in your heart for a minute and move on with your day.
  4. Listen to music.  Music can change your mood almost instantly and boost productivity.  If you are having a bad week, bring your earphones to work and make sure it’s okay with your boss.  Site that you read it boosts productivity (it does, by the way) and you can send them to this link.  <<
  5. Release suppressed energy.  One of my clients told me she experienced a lightness in her body, and felt taller after working with me.  That is a huge compliment.  Before releasing negativity and trapped energy, you feel congested, tight, and “heavy”.  After releasing trapped emotions, you start to feel spacious and open.  It is a free feeling to be able to drop what isn’t yours, or what is no longer needed.  Most people drop their self-care first and don’t realize that’s what is causing the emotional triggers.   It isn’t a one time thing, it is monthly.  There are people who carry suppressed energy around their whole lives.  Like they have rocks in their pockets, or boulders on their shoulders (A new Dr. Seuss book).  Anyway, after working on your energy, it causes your body to release and purge this stored up toxic stuff, but in a safe way (once you know how).

Interested in learning how to keep your energy clean on a monthly basis?  Are you an empath who struggles with this?  Learn more about my closed group here.  >> Learn More <<  You really can learn to get rid of this toxic energy, but you have to be serious about wanting the cycle to stop in your life.  Limited places in my monthly group because I do energy work lessons for them as well.


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