Tips for Navigating Uncertainty

What is within your power right this very minute?  I will start off with how you navigate the waters of uncertainty.  How is within your power.  <<< Okay, so we go from there.  When we live from uncertainty, we focus on factors outside our control which creates panic and anxiety inside of us.  In order to calm this down, we have to take small steps.

Uncertainty often leads to wild speculation…and many of those things never come true.  What ifs can spiral out of control if allowed to roam free. 

Repeatedly ask yourself what you can do in the moment…not what others can do.  If you were rowing a boat with a bunch of people, and you were rowing the opposite way, would it help?  <<< now hold on before you go anywhere with this.  If everyone wanted to go their own way, would the ship get anywhere at all?  No.  Just pause and think for a minute before wildly rowing the opposite direction and spending all that effort to stay still.

Navigate Uncertainty with These Tips:

  1. Do you recall a time in your life when something was thought to be really bad in your head, but it actually turned out to be okay?  I do.  Quite recently in fact.  I have no idea why I went from A to Z in my head, but I did.  It must have reflected some deep fears for my friends at the time who were going through something similar.  I think I felt powerless to help them.  If you feel this way in your life about something, what is your go to routine?  Do you pray?  Meditate?  Seek comfort of friends?  Journal, reflect on what the deepest fear of the situation really is, and reflect on your anchors to life, love, peace and gratitude
  2. As difficult as it is, listen to the expressions of other people who might be in the same boat with you.  Whether they are rowing the way you want or not.  Try to reflect on their underlying feelings.  What is it they are really afraid of with this uncertainty?  Don’t minimize them.  This part is needed.  They are only human after all and human have feelings that are different from yours.
  3. Life is not certain ever.  I know this one is hard, but really think about how far you’ve come.  Can you do something to lift someone else up?  Can you go out and hug a stranger who looks sad or who you overhear speaking with fear?  Can you pay it forward in line behind you?  Create a desired outcome that you wish to have in your life.  Love.  Hope.  Feeling supported.
  4. Be okay, with not having all the answers, but be willing to explore imperfect fixes to the problem right now.  How often does the perfect solution appear the first time around?  Probably not likely.  Consider something being a bridge, a learning curve, or even a lesson.  Sometimes life gives us what we didn’t ask for or want in order to help us focus on what we need in our lives.

This post is dedicated to my readers, friends, and anyone who is feeling afraid right now.  Your feelings are heard and seen.  We are all navigating the waters as best we can, so let’s go forth and spread some love to one another starting right now.  That is an action we can take all on our own.  Organize a free hug event, volunteer at the food bank, or find some sort of opportunity you didn’t know existed.  You can even create your own spread love movement.  You have more power than you know, so use it in a good way my friends.

uncertaintySpeak to you soon in my newsletter.  ~Aimee


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