How to Harness the Power of Christmas

I am unsure what it is about November that has many people thinking about putting up their Christmas trees already, but my guess would be it has something to do with the fact that the long year is almost over, whatever that means, and we feel a sense of completion.

This is the first time, in the last two years, that many people will be able to celebrate together, and travel if they feel the need for the holidays.  The feeling of November has always been one of crisp fall days here in Virginia, but this year, there’s so much more to the month.  It’s almost like you can feel Christmas in the air.

I doubt a single one of us can fathom the amount of things that together, not just as a country, but as a people. we have been through.  No matter where you are living, all over the world, we are feeling a sort of different energy this month.

If you have a friend who is posting that they are watching the Hallmark Christmas movies already (it’s me), just let them post.  Who cares if all the movies are basically the same with almost the same actors?  It’s about magic and believing so I am going to believe they’re all different.

In order to harness the wonderful power of the month, let’s talk about self-care and journaling.

How to harness the power of Christmas:

  1. Give more than you take.  This can be in many forms.  It can be in the power of paying it forward, yes, but it can also be in little things.  Don’t ask a friend what they need…show up with a surprise bag of goodies on their porch, a bottle of wine with a bow, a mug and cocoa (you know which friends are into which beverages), or just say I am coming to help you fold laundry and chat.  Do NOT clean up for me, etc.
  2. Believe in magic.  You can also say miracles, because those exist as well, but put out into the Universe, your prayers, wherever, what you want to see happen.  I like to use a journal method and I act as if if it has already happened, which many people call manifestation.  Grab a buddy and commit to a month of miracles.  If you run out of ideas or you don’t know how, check out my e-book over here.
  3. Start with gratitude.  I said something to a friend in a message this week because it is always so wonderful to hear I have helped someone…even if it’s my weird humor.  But I am very grateful to be able to help others as I once was in pain for 5 years straight.  Chronic pain will show you how to be grateful for things you once didn’t realize were easy to do.  It should be something that you honestly think first thing in the morning, no matter what, what do I have in my life that is good?  Where can I focus and shine more light on things that I want to MAKE good?  What am I doing that I am really, honestly, grateful to be able to do?  Cancer also shows many people this path.  On this month, when I am thinking so much of my friend I lost this year, and countless others I lost as well, I know that gratitude is more than just a word.  It is a lifestyle and one I need to pay more attention to.  I wrote about it in my last newsletter to you all, but please remember to see the good in your life and hold on tight.  If you want to read more advice from Weekly Healings, my newsletter, I linked it above.
  4. Stop and smell the fir trees…or pines.  I love the smell of a real Christmas tree.  But even more than that, I love walking in the woods after it has snowed.  I just feel like I am in another world, but that doesn’t happen where I live often enough, so I go outside for a walk in the woods.  The smells of Christmas are everywhere, so go ahead and use aromatherapy to get in the spirit or change your mood this month.  I use these products myself over here and continue to buy their oils because they have a kid-safe and dog-safe line!  I use the “deck the halls” set because it has a sample of everything.  Also, I totally love their candles and their recipes for DIY salt scrubs!  The cool thing about making things yourself is you can give it to a loved one and you have had fun, and made something that smells amazing.
  5. Love one another.  I get it.  This one can be hard to do at times.  It is family, and friends, and maybe some old ghosts…rattling around in your memories like Marley did to Scrooge, but drop it all if you can.  Just back away from the rattling in your brain trying to tell you to remember this mistake or that and just send them love.  You’ll be better off for this, trust me.  Practice thinking about all the good things you remember about a certain family member who actually gets on your nerves or someone you might see during a gathering that seems to say the wrong thing.  Think about ways you can help them be loved…even when it’s difficult.

I am definitely no angel.  I would never tell you that things are easy when in fact, they are not.  What I will tell you is that anything I have ever done that has caused me joy has taken time to cultivate.  Relationships, friendships, family experiences…we have to be careful as we enter the last 2 months of the year and we try to be better than we were yesterday.  That’s all anyone can do.  Be better than yesterday.

More tips for you to use:

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