Expanding Courage: 5 Tips to Move Through Fear

I wish I had a magic wand half the time…and my collection of Harry Potter wands don’t actually count.  Shh.  Don’t tell anyone that.  If you could see what I see in you though, and if you knew what I had been through, you would give yourself more of a chance to move THROUGH fear.  I didn’t say it was going to be easy now.  I never say that.

Watch this if you don’t believe me or you don’t know me like that.  >> My Story is linked here.  <<  You can watch it later if you want to open it in a new tab and bookmark it.

I want to expand your courage by really taking a look at what fear is and what it is doing to our minds.  I want you to really look at some of the things you have already been through to get here. 

Fear is old.  Like old as time.  It has literally been passed down to us for generations.  I want you to stop and think about your parents fears, and then maybe some of your grandparents fears.  I recently did a talk on creating more of the life we want to live and past programming always comes up.  I always address it head on.  What are you saying to yourself that is really not yours?  What habits, patterns and words are you repeating that have been said to you for years?  I want you to stop and really think about that for a moment, and then we are going to move through this.  If at any time, you feel like you need more help, please see all the videos on the page that I linked above.

Expanding Courage: 5 Tips to Move Through Fear

  1. Fight or flight is going to be your initial reaction.  So go ahead and decide.  You know we are wired in the hippocampus to interpret a “threat”.  Is marriage really a threat?  Let’s say that you think so and are afraid to get married.  Why?  What is telling you to flee?  It can be as easy as braking down your initial reactions, looking at your past history and understanding what these old triggers and programs are telling you.  But to be honest, you must have a system and be ready to step back and look closely at your fear.  Move through it as the reaction arises and really look at what it is triggering in your brain and why that might be happening.
  2. Fear can actually cause us to face a problem right now.  You know how when you are scared or watching a scary movie, you are on the edge of your seat screaming not to go in there, or telling them who is about to kill them or whatever?  Yeah that.  It’s pretty interesting because we are not thinking about what is going to happen next…we are literally in the moment.  If it’s scary enough, it has our complete and undivided attention.  So let’s use that to our advantage.  Study the fear.  Look at it in the eye, don’t look away.  What is it showing you?  You think it’s showing weakness, but really it is showing you what you fear and need to face.  What will happen if you take the big job?  What could possibly happen if you say yes to something scary?  Write out the worst thing that could really happen and look at it.  Once it is down, I bet it’s not as scary as staying where you are and not knowing what will happen.
  3. Making a decision can be a good thing.  Indecision drains us all.  I want you to think about how draining it is to drag out a break-up, a job change, a life decision.  To me that’s the scary part.  It is utterly miserable and you can change that by just saying “I am done with this part.  My decision is ____”.  I mean think about those cut aways on T.V. shows like HGTV when they choose a house.  The suspense is killing you right?  Or you are just annoyed because obviously they are not going to pick the right one that you want them to have.  But at least they made a decision because it was getting to be ridiculous.  A can of paint can fix things right?  Use that in your choice.  What can I do to change this?  To make it easier?  To decide.  Again, this part is the part that is really needed.  Stop living in limbo.
  4. Bring gratitude to it.   I know this is going to be very hard, but as I have said to my people (clients, friends, and you guys), when I started looking for what was good in my life, I attracted good.  I did not walk in that fearful place alone anymore.  I brought goodness and light.  It was scary in pain.  It was scary not knowing if I was ever going to be okay…or live a normal life.  It was scary thinking about the future…so I stopped.  I focused on what I knew for this moment, and what I was grateful for in this day.  And then each day after that.  I created my Gratitude Journal E-book method (linked), and started helping others as well.  I learned to be in the moment and that changed everything.  It was how I moved through the fear of the unknown that tried to cripple my mind.
  5. Support yourself with better options.  How much is creating a life you love worth to you and is it worth trying?  Of course it is.  If this option is scary, is there something else that might make you happier?  Look at what is available to you and move through it.  Saying yes to a new opportunity,  new therapy, a new doctor, a new group, a new weight loss plan, a new workout, trying to meet new people…can be scary.  Look at your options.  Staying still and feeling stuck or moving forward with one of these choices?  There really is no contest.

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