Boo! It’s Your Past Mistakes.

Walking around all cool, calm and collected like everything is fine.  Turn the corner and you see a ghost.  Not a real one, but it scares you just the same.  It could be an old friend from a life long gone, a letter you weren’t expecting, or even just looking at yourself in the mirror and not being able to recognize who you are.

On a regular basis, I hear these kinds of things from the people in my yoga classes, in my online club, and on private coaching calls.  Why does the past delight in haunting us so?  You aren’t going to like my answer.

It’s the things you are constantly doing to yourself that keep that old ghost around.  It’s really a matter of hard work, perseverance and digging in deep to your “dispel” ghosts bag of tricks.

Check this out, on a daily basis, how often do you let past mistakes drag you down?  More often than you’d like?  Some time, most of the time, all of the time?  Think about it.  What happens when you get dragged back to the past?  How are you being?  What happens to your whole day? How is your mood after going backwards?

The mistake is that we relive the thing that happened over and you know what?  We add stuff.  Bits and pieces of truths that weren’t there.  Things we could have said, but didn’t.  Things the other person said in anger and we imagine they still hate us, are having issues getting over it (maybe, but maybe they don’t care), or we have made up a fabrication that never even happened.  We keep thinking and thinking until we have blown something out of proportion in our minds eye.

So here’s what I’m going to tell you.  Only you can come to terms with this.  You have to decide how you are going to move forward, and I can give you some options today.

Moving forward from the past:

  1. Admit you have a real problem living in the present moment.  Say it out loud that this mindset you currently have is not working for you any longer.  Say it.  Write it.  Accept responsibility right now.
  2. Write down 1 thing you can take action on right now…and then do it.  What can you do when this past ghost comes up?  Get the salt Sam!  Or maybe call Rowena.  Wait, real life.  Not Supernatural.  Seriously though, what are you doing when this happens?  What can you do to change the thought?  Play music?  Get outside?  Change your location?  Write about it.
  3. What are you refusing to accept in your life right now?  Are you afraid to admit a truth so this ghost keeps coming up?  What do you think it wants you to do?  Why does it haunt you?  Seriously.  think about it.  Say sorry, reach out, ask for the promotion, talk to the person, the ex, or get therapy.  It is telling you something right now.
  4. Your current methods have not worked for you.  Don’t just read this and do nothing because if that’s what you have been doing, it hasn’t worked.  Make. A. Plan.

Guys, it’s not enough to just ignore this and hope it goes away.  If this is ruining your life, like you can’t sleep because of it, you get up late, you think about it, you dwell, then imagine what this is costing you by repeating the same habits.  I invite you to feel free to check out the top 10 things other people have said after they moved forward, << linked and trust me, all of these people were stuck once too!!

Whatever you do my friend, make that plan and decide that today is the best day to start living your life, free yourself of those ghosts, grab life again and tell it what YOU want, and move forward!

For more reading on moving forward, see Suffering is Optional.



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