Ways to Support Yourself During This Time (mentally)

So. I saw many jokes about yesterday being the first time the Irish were sober (mostly from my Irish friends).  And I want to say that using humor to diffuse a sad situation can help others.  NOT the kinds of jokes about the virus itself that is currently plaguing the world.  But the kind that help others in their mindless scroll to read more news about people they know who are potentially in harm’s way and then for one second that funny meme with Kermit laying there on the bed for 3 years, or saying elbow tap me I’m Irish (instead of kiss me, because you know, you can’t).  There are others out there that are distasteful, and many other news articles that are not founded in truth right now, so you just move on past those.

If your news feed is causing you panic right now, start to unfollow those who perpetuate it.  I have a few ideas to help you right now and then I am going to share some that cost very little money, or possibly are free as well.

  1. Get outside in your backyard. Is there a project you can do?  For me, it’s mindlessly pick up pine cones, and get the yard ready for spring here on the east coast.
  2. Gather your games, all of them, and do an inventory.  We had game night and played a game from 1995 and my daughter decided it was going in the give away (charity shops) pile.  Play all games and decide which ones need to go.
  3. Go through your closet.  Stop saving tiny clothes or clothes for when you might get a certain size or whatever is going on in there.  Love it or donate it.
  4. Journal through this.  Here is my tiny cost one, because hey, I am a small business owner during this time as well.  I opened up my journaling bundle because many people don’t know how to journal.  It comes with loads of goodies, but somehow the landing page disappeared so let me explain. >> Here it is to purchase << and you get it right now.
    What do you get:

    • The “Keys to Happiness” worksheets (over 21 days of journaling to a happier you).
    • Release, Let Go, Become questions to change your life and manifest what you want.
    • Know Your Worth soul changing exercise on finding the guilt and letting it go in your life!

    BONUS: Let’s Make Some Boundaries! You get all this immediately. Download and print or use it from your laptop/tablet.

  5. Go through your kitchen.  Spice rack, what needs to go?  All those containers without lids.  Why do you have them?  Are things our of date in your pantry?  Toss them.
  6. Bathroom supplies/make up.  I have a confession.  We have too much nail polish in my house for whatever reason, so we go through it from time to time.  What can you get rid of in your supplies or what can you list that eventually you might need?  Not now though, so stay where you are, but just go through it.
  7. Order gift cards from your local restaurants.  Again, as a small business owner, I know the impact this might have.  If you are currently still making money, reach out to the small owned bakeries, coffee shops, etc and ask to buy a gift card.  Save it or mail it to someone you know would use it.
  8. Random stationery saved?  Start mailing old fashioned letters (after you wash your hands).  I don’t know who needs a letter right now in your life, but I bet it’s the elderly person who can’t get out or the person who feels alone.  Drop them a letter.
  9. Local shops that sell online, but are small business owned.  Make a list of shops in your area, you can do a search, and see if they have online services and again, you can help them out.  I ordered from a gal online some of her art.  She works for herself and will struggle during this time.
  10. Color.  I love to color and teach my Head|Heart|Health online small group how to use their journaling for art journaling as well as regular journaling.
  11. Meditate.  Again, I offer meditations as well above in the group ^^, but it’s a great time to get quiet and go within.  Do not lean into fear during this time my friends.
  12. Read.  What old books do you have that can be re-visited again?  I have many, mostly fantasy to be honest, but I also have a stack of personal development books to go through.

Lastly, I want to invite you to think about ways to support yourself, but reach out to your small business friends as well and share their posts, and help them make it through this time if you can.  We all need each other virtually even though we can’t be there face to face.  I have an online catalog with yoga/meditation, journaling and more here. 

Play games, read books, color, journal, meditate and the world will heal.  Stay well my friends.


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