Ultimate Gift Guide for Empaths (items that help make it easier)

During the holidays, there might be loads of things on a wish list, or there might be just a few.  To be honest, I realized I ask for pretty much the same things each year or a version of similar items and I realized it is all tied in to how I want to feel.  So without further ado, I wanted to put my gift list together for you (and yes, for me as well) because these are things I often want yet don’t buy.  As someone who feels deeply just like you, asking for things can sometimes be difficult.  Yet all throughout the year, there are things that might really help you get off to a great start.  Here are a few of my favorite things.

Ultimate Gift Guide for Empaths (read the linked word for more)

  1. My all time favorite journal was discontinued.  As everyone in my Club knows, that journal felt like a secret weapon.  I have written the company, but no word on what they are doing.  I recently discovered one that I can live with as a replacement.  I will link the words here.  >> Classic Vintage Journal with 360 sheets << Note that there are 360 sheets and that means you can write daily for the upcoming year!!  Very important if you want to start journaling with me.  I love to write daily and reflect, but I teach it in a style unlike others so as to actually manifest journal what we want to show up in our lives.
  2. A planner.  Not just any planner, but the planner I have used for years because it also talks about how we want to FEEL.  Notice the theme here:)  >> Planner for attracting good << This particular one has a monthly reflection question section. I will put a few more at the end for you guys to check out, but look at this beautiful new journal!
  3. A blanket that I can actually wear.  I have this on my list because it is a poncho of softness.  What’s not to love and you get socks!  >>Poncho Angel Wrap << And it’s affordable!
  4. Brain food!!!   I know weird right?  But not really.  I discovered this company and read all kinds of amazing things about their products and I have written to them recently so you might see it pop up on my Instagram that I will add this to my smoothies.  I literally couldn’t decide which one to put on my own personal list, so here is the sample box and what it says about it.  Moon Dusts® Are Custom Blends Of Adaptogenic Superherbs & Supermushrooms That Help Combat The Effects Of Stress To Nourish Body, Beauty, And Consciousness From The Inside Out   So right!!!  I need to try them all in my opinion.  Here you go with the samples >> The Full Moon Dust Sampler Box << And what they say about them: The Full Moon Dust Box Includes 12 Moon Dust Sachets (2 Of Each): Spirit, Beauty, Power, Brain, Dream & Edible Attraction << oolala.  I need all of that me thinks. 
  5. A salt lamp in every room.  I bet you already have one of these bad boys, but there’s something about going to my room at night, having the lamp already on, getting in the bed under THE softest comforter ever, and then sighing into this orange glow.  I spent a lot of time researching the benefits of pink Himalayan salts years ago so the air will feel better around my house.  >> Natural Pyramid Salt Lamp << Amber glow yourself all over your house.  Plus, you guys, my house is dark during the winter and that can cause some issues with seasonal affective disorder so see the next item I want:)
  6. Old fashioned Light alarm clock.  No really. I talk on my shows (my weekly free chats on my FB page) about how using your phone to wake up is not good.  You don’t set your day off right, and you scroll and get distracted.  Again, highly sensitive people need a routine and a great way to do that is this.  >> Alarm Clock with Sunrise Stimulation << I researched one that had proper reviews and wasn’t likely to fall apart so it is priced as a well-made item.
  7. A holistic course for your soul!  This gift can nourish you all-year long my friends.  Yes, I might be biased, but it really helps you with what I call the “knowing” and how you deal with feelings, thoughts and emotions that have crossed over into your own energy field.  I created this for people who wanted more space to breathe, a way to tap into their own inner power, and a way to learn how to shield themselves from overwhelming emotions and thoughts.  It is easy to get this as a gift as you go to the checkout on the form >> Journaling for Empaths << As you click Yes, I’m in, you get taken to the order form where right under billing is the little check box, this product is for someone else.  You can send it to them and even set delivery date if you check it as a gift (after 2019 though, it will be going up).
  8. The best gift is time for yourself…time for reconnecting to your body, and time for your soul.  If you have never meditated, done yoga, or thought about getting still, the last item that makes an amazing gift is called>> Head|Heart|Health.<<  It helps you balance your thoughts, you feeling, and your body.  You get chair yoga, different meditations to sleep better and feel less clogged energetically, you get all access to the Club and files 24/7 all over the world, right from your phone, laptop or tablet, as well as quick energy fixes as soon as you need them!

I personally created the last 2 options with you in mind.  Here is what 2 of my clients have to say:

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Thank you guys again for reading and this blog post does contain affiliate links…which just means while I am working hard to deliver value, these folks mentioned also like the fact that I use their products and suggest them to you!  To be honest that boils down to I might be able to buy a cup of coffee if you purchase from the links above.

Bonus options for the Ultimate Gift Guide for Empaths:


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