Thoughts on this year. 2020 is hard.

I had another post in mind, but in truth, I can’t really concentrate. 

Does anyone remember December 2019 at this point?  It seems a far off land and another time.  I remember the hope I had for this year, and my children’s school year.  I think about how my oldest was in her first year of college, and partial empty nest had me sad as could be.  I think about how I was realizing that my youngest, hard to believe, was finishing up her junior year of high school and entering a new time in her life.

I felt very good in my life as far as financially speaking and was doing well with my contracting side-business of social media marketing for small businesses.  Then next thing I know COVID-19 has traveled to the U.S. and my small businesses are in danger…and so am I.  You see I had survived with autoimmune and already fought back from financial loss, loss of health, and loss of my career.  Out of all of that, the health was of course the most prominent, but let’s face it, we need money to survive in this world. I sat there stunned watching the videos come out of Italy.

I have international friends you see, so I was getting a snapshot like no other.  On top of that, I have a 91 year old grandfather I haven’t seen since this started, older parents and I have seen them, but been careful, and then friends I haven’t seen due to the quarantine and fear for them if they could get sick.

Fast forward to now.  We have friends who have cancer, so I understand the fear around the virus spreading to a family member.  To go through fighting for your life to go out this way is not something I want to think about for the many families who have immune compromised loved ones.

I haven’t really been able to hug people.  Which sounds weird, but I hug.  I think we don’t know how to love people right now, and that we are too busy focusing on what we don’t like. 

We can’t see each other’s expressions in masks, and we feel stifled by what is going on…we don’t know how to help each other.  We keep focusing on everything that is wrong in this world and this year.  Wow.  it sure is showing up like look at this, this, this, and for whatever reason watch the Tiger King (but I didn’t).  Maybe I should.  I don’t know if that would help matters.

So here is what I propose my friends.  In no particular order, but just read it and think about what needs doing in your life.

  1. Get off the social media for a bit.  Do you argue with strangers?  Do you hate people on your “friends” list?  WHY are you on there then??  Take a break.  A long one if you need it.
  2. Stop fixating on the stuff you can’t control.  What can you control?  Your thoughts.  That is literally it.  You can’t control COVID.  You can’t control the race issues.  You can’t control the government.  You can only control being a better person.  Your thoughts.  Who you vote for.  Who you help.  Don’t be a hypocrite on your social media and don’t be fake.  Don’t incite hate.  Period.
  3. Yes.  You are entitled to an opinion.  But newsflash.  You are also entitled to be fired from your job depending on what you say.  People can and do hold stuff against you.  Sorry, but just because you CAN post it, doesn’t mean you should.  Your job might be in danger.  It is just the truth and you know this as well as I do.  People will and do screenshot.
  4. POST SHINY HAPPY THINGS.  Does it make things better?  Yes.  For a bit.  Post good things that you are doing for others.  Post things you believe in that are helping your community.  Yes, you can have an opinion, but arguing on FB is clearly getting people no where.  At all.  People are egocentric unfortunately and while you might not be, you have them on your list.  Showing people kindness actually does help.  I know you don’t believe it right now, but I am telling you it helps.
  5. Love people.  ALLLLLLLLL the people.  Why?  Jesus or whoever/whatever you believe in would want you to.  You don’t believe in that?  Fine.  Guess what?  Love fills you up.  It gives things a new light that hate doesn’t have.  Hate isn’t the way out of this year.  It’s just not.  Even your worst enemy I ask you to think about in this time and just send them love after reading this.
  6. Please get outside in nature and just feel the earth.  Sit on it for a bit.  Go barefoot.  Release whatever is holding you back.  Meditate.

I just want to end by saying as an empath, this year is destroying many of us.  Too many feelings, and not enough time to really process it all.  So please, if you have a sensitive or tender heart, get outside.

Love you all. ~Aimee

P.S.  Need me?  Read more here.  I am drained, but as always, I will help in any way I can.  I run an online group and we are doing all we can as well to hold ourselves together.


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