Protecting Your Inner Fire: Empaths Need This

If you are reading this, you feel strongly that something might be out of balance for you this month.  You already have identified with the traits of an empath. << Read more there if you are not sure what that means.

There are days you are tired of being tired.  Tired of things not working out like you planned, and tired of feeling drained by others around you.  You have remarkable perception into what is really going on behind the scenes…and behind the words you are being told.  Some days, you look at the book of fake and think about deactivating it altogether.

When a friend can’t meet you out, you know the reason why and your light dims a little with each lie you are told.  As someone calls you up just to “chat” or send you that “Hey girl” text, you get a strong sense of them trying to use you or manipulate you.  It can be downright exhausting.

I remember when I used to go into work and on certain halls or near certain people, I could just feel the sick, low-vibrational energy pouring off them.  When they spoke to others, it was nothing but gossipy un-truths coming out of their mouths.  I started avoiding the lunch area where everyone ate, and I ate in my room.

Over time, I lost a friend who I really deeply cared for because I had let my guard down one too many times and the pattern of being used was never going to stop.  I had attracted an empath’s Achilles heel.  Someone I knew deep down was a good person, but who just needed to be shown that…over and over and over and over again.  At the cost of dimming my light, which meant my self-esteem, wondering why I was not good enough to tell the truth to, or why I was second to others even if we had made plans…but something better came along and then plans with me were broken.  Double messages behind my back to other people…and then not being happy for me when things started improving in my life.  That was the biggest sign of all.

Empath.  It is time to protect your inner fire.  Stop making excuses for others.

The steps you can take to protect your light:

  1. Stop and notice your moods.  The first thing is to notice is how you are feeling right after you come in contact with someone who is draining you.  You can even use a journal like I teach in my Club to document your moods.  Write out your daily observations and what was happening at the time of contact.  You might start to notice a pattern that shocks you.  Example of:  You feel drained most around x person and they start to do it when you talk about something good in your life…they turn it back to them.
  2. Get out in nature as much as you can.  As long as the pollen count isn’t crazy, which at this time of writing, it is actually rather high, I like to get outside as much as I can.  Walking barefoot (earthing or grounding), going to the water closest to you or the woods, can be very helpful to balance your inner peace once again and bring harmony to your moods.
  3. Boundaries are your friend.  No one can take away your joy unless you let them.  Someone used to say that to me and I thought long and hard about how true that is.  Who we let in to our sacred space…our homes, our relationships, our lives, well that space is ours and ours alone.  Even at work my friends, and that is why it is so important to remember that how others treat you is a reflection of what’s going on inside of them…not a reflection of you. 
  4. Journal your feelings and start writing more.  Again, yes I do teach this method, but it is so important to be ready to heal.  Look at the words you are using on yourself and in your thoughts.  What are you saying?  Is it the kind of talk you would say to your best friend if she asked you a question?  Are you staying balanced or you dipping to one side (dark) more?  We all have both the light and the dark in us, and it’s only natural to experience both sides, but your thoughts have the power to change your whole entire life.  What are you doing to protect and nurture them?  I recently told a private client that whatever happened up until this moment, well that was old you.  The new you is learning how to protect her inner light…how to move forward, and how to focus on the good stuff.  Not the bad stuff which includes others taking away your power in the past.  The time to change is now.
  5. Protect the power of now.  The present moment is the only moment that we have to move forward from.  My friend quoted me yesterday because I said “Don’t entertain the what ifs.”  I went on to say that you are really doing the best you can in this moment, but this moment is all you have.  Sure, I’d like to change a million freaking things.  That time I went out with a narcissist and almost let it eat my soul up…until I got away.  The pattern of attracting a few of those to be honest, until the one day I met the guy I was supposed to meet.  My soul mate.  You can’t change the past and to be honest, if we could, it would not make us who we are today.  The exact set of circumstances leading up to now has made you a bad-ass survivor.  I align constantly to the power of now and I would love for you to do the same.  If you need my help, please join us in the Head|Heart|Heart Club.  << read more there.
What’s next for you?  Where do you go from this moment?
  • Start your plan.  I believe in your power to protect your inner fire.
  • If you need help, read what others have done since working with me.  (all linked words open in a new tab)
  • My About is here for you to see what I have been through.

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