Motivational Monday…Jackasses.

Sometimes, people grow apart.  It happens.  Sometimes, jealous people sabotage friendships.  It happens.  And sometimes, people do dumb things for no apparent reason.

You aren’t the jackass whisperer.

I saw a friend post about someone blocking her…and she had no idea why.  Why not simply tell the person what’s going on?  Isn’t that easier?  I guess not.  It’s like peek a boo as a kid.  If you put on your blinders then the other person clearly doesn’t exist anymore, right?  Hmm.

Let’s try this one on for size, you comment, like, say congrats, I am thinking about you, praying for you or whatever, and the person never ever says diddly squat back.  You message them, and the message obviously got lost in between the interwebs black hole, even though it says seen.  Or read.  Or they pretended to read it and clicked that thing where it appears they didn’t but you know they did.  Hmm.

Lastly, the person who must be a stalker.  They know what you are doing, but don’t click like on anything you ever post, convincing you they must have just hidden you.  One day, out of the blue you announce something great and all of a sudden, they start noticing you again.  What’s this all about?  I don’t know.  Sometimes I wonder about people. Their motives. Their hate. Their spite. The fake book, and the un-following…which is worse than un-friending. At least if they are gone, that’s one less negative energy in your life. But go ahead and let them look. Live your life.

I propose we stop living in the virtual friendship land, and remember that the person behind the computer screen has real feelings.  They are flesh and blood, and do in fact, have feelings.  In the event we need encouragement to move on though, here you go:

Haters gonna hate

Why can’t be people be real?  I guess Taylor sings it best.  Warning, scary movie advertisement before video.  Haha, but for real.



5 thoughts on “Motivational Monday…Jackasses.

  1. Hi Aimee

    I use to have people let me down or be inconsiderate or be downright rude or just plain old unpleasant. This use to make me cranky or upset.

    One day I had a big awakening insight ( more like a wisdom download ) that for me had a profound positive affect on my life.

    It was quite simply, “At any given moment in time a person does the very best they can based on their past experiences and what they have been taught and their state of mind at the time”.
    This does not mean that they met societies or my expected standards, but at that moment it was the very best they had.
    It still makes me sad when people do appalling things, but it means they looked into their bag of options and life skills and for them at that point that was the best option.
    The proof is that if they could have done better, they would have.

    Now if these situations arise rather then get upset myself, I feel for the other person that what I experienced from them was the best they had to offer at that moment.

    Just doing the best I can 🙂


    1. Hey Graham,
      Yes, I remember you telling me this story, and I think it’s profound insight. However, I wish that I had your optimism on if they could have done better, they would have. I do believe that we are programmed to behave, believe, and act a certain way and that it takes tremendous willpower to turn away from the same path of thoughts. However, that being said, I believe we are capable of a lot more than we give ourselves credit for. Point of reference is perhaps a sticky topic right now in the news, but anyway. We all make mistakes, and once we recognize that, we work to change those same patterns. Especially if it’s within our power to do so:)

      1. Hi Aimee

        The pertinent point is that it is talking about someones actions at that exact point in time. In hindsight we often see ways we could have done things better, but at that exact point it was the best we had.
        Take someone who punches a little old lady and steals their purse. When we look at it on the surface it is easy to say that they could have done better than that. But when that person looked into their bag of options and life skills that was the best they had at that exact moment. Chances are they needed the money for drugs they desperately needed or to feed their child or they were just so angry with life they needed money for booze to take away some mental pain. I don’t condone the behavior, I just see it as the best that person had at that moment.
        In doing this I drop the judgment of how things and how people should be. This brings more peace into my life, which in turn helps bring more peace into the world.
        Well that is my version of things anyway 🙂
        Cheers Graham

        1. It is wonderful that you have found peace with this. It would honestly not bring peace to me to think that right now, in Baltimore, the rioters didn’t think for even a split second that there might be a better way to get their point across. In that moment, they were caught up in others actions and didn’t allow their own right action to take over.

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