May the odds be ever in your favor…

Life has a way of slapping you in the face and telling you to wake up.  Just when you get comfortable with things, just when you let your guard down, Life says “Snap out of it!” Yes, I am imagining Life dressed as Cher slapping me.  It could happen.  Right after I wrote my last blog piece about the future, I got some strange news and I am unable to process it until I know more.  That being said, I am putting things on hold.  Maybe I shouldn’t.  I don’t know.  Sometimes, it is hard to know how to react, but I have the best support system in the world, and for that, I am grateful.

I still want to focus on the positive and have to constantly remind myself of that very fact.  On the eve of back-to-school, my tiny one, who is tiny in size, but getting ready for 4th grade, is running around saying “I have 199 box tops and I need ONE more.”  My oldest is getting ready for MIDDLE SCHOOL and I don’t even know how that happened.  I am just trying to collect my thoughts.  I know that tomorrow I will have to be Mrs. Happy no matter what happens.  I have my own crew of tiny excited people to get through a day with.  They all come in with their own luggage just as I do, and we all have to put that on the shelf to get through the day.  Some people are better at it than others.  Some like to go over to their luggage throughout the day and peek in the suitcase to make sure everything is still there.  At times, something is taken out and carried around that needs to be back in that suitcase as it has no place in school.  It is my job to get them focused on the tasks at hand, but I never forget that they all brought luggage in with them, and at the end of the day, I will help them carry it back home with them.  Tomorrow, it might be less.

As I get ready for this day, I am reminded of Effie Trinket who smiles and says “And may the odds be ever in your favor!”

“Give thanks for what you are now, and keep fighting for what you want to be tomorrow.” ~Fernanda Miramontes-Landeros


3 thoughts on “May the odds be ever in your favor…

  1. I don’t like the sound of this posting. My heart goes out to you. Keep us informed. If we can’t be there in person for you know that in spirit and thoughts we all pulling for you.

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