The Long Lens…

Tonight’s random topic is actually taken from this article right here.  I often ponder questions and think that I can find the answers by looking at it a million different ways.  The graduate school I got in had a syllabus I was not expecting.  Many annoying things happened, but I can honestly say it was probably the best thing for me right now.  With a daughter going into middle school, a new ummm plan at work, flooding every other day (including our garage), and my father coming out of the hospital, I just think now is not the best time to start something new.  I am looking into a program that starts later and goes at my pace.

That being said I am trying on different “lenses”.  One of my friends is having a hard time right now and I think she needs a new lens too.  The “Long Lens” theory is that even if your current situation is bad, think of the future.  I would like to point out something trivial, but true.  I didn’t exactly have a great day today.  I have not had air at work for days, I am tired, I had to sit in meetings today, I was grumpy, and I had to go get a mammogram at the end of the day.  Seriously.  Guys can ignore this part unless they want to imagine parts of them smashed to bits…anyway, not fun.  It started pouring down raining again, and I had to drive home in it.  On the way home, a person in front of me slammed on brakes in the roundabout near our local college.  Unfortunately, I have to drive this way to get home and the person behind me had to slam on brakes.  Sigh.  I said some colorful words and might have taken down the youngsters license plate.  Just because it made me feel better.

I got home and the rain was thick as sheets.  I could make out my husband in the doorway.  I sat in the car waiting for the rain to stop gathering my thoughts.  Be calm.  Relax.  You made it home.  He called me and asked if I was coming in the house.  Ha.  Anyway, I made a break for it and ran to the door.  He met me with a glass of red wine.  Dinner was on the stove, and music was playing.  I need to remember the “Long Lens”.  Sometimes we put ourselves on the back burner and focus only on what stresses us out.  It is so very difficult for us to stop doing that.  My friend once said to me “Did you know that humans are the only people who continue to beat themselves up after something goes wrong?  We might have apologized and moved on, but for some reason it doesn’t leave us.”  Let it leave us.  Let it go.  Change your lens and help others focus theirs as well.

“Knowing others is intelligence; knowing yourself is true wisdom. Mastering others is strength; mastering yourself is true power. If you realize that you have enough, you are truly rich.” 

~Tao Te Ching


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