The Burned Hand

Any Man’s Death Diminishes Me

In reading about the National tragedy in Orlando, I am struck by many thoughts.  The first is that I don’t want to see the political shit in my feed.  I just don’t.  The second is I don’t want to see the religious shit in my feed.  I just don’t.  And the third is that I don’t want to see people who are afraid to admit that we belong together as humans.  That is the part I am choosing to focus on right now.

I was reading quotes to help me again through this time.  Other people have their ways of dealing with this and I have mine, but through literature and words, I have always felt better.  Not healed mind you…a long way from that, but I feel like we have been here together for a long time, and there is some comfort in the fact that we haven’t managed to blow the planet up…yet.

So reading the poem For Whom the Bell Tolls, in its entirety, struck me as something that others might want to think about.  Moreover, the fact that we are all one…truly, distant cousins if you will believe me, comforts me on some small level as well.

For those of us who FEEL everything on a great and deeper level than others…for those of us who cannot watch the news right now without crying…I say to you don’t push yourself.  It will be there when you are ready.  The mom who tells you of her son and her pride in him for bringing together gays and straights at his school…she will be there when you are ready to lift her up in whatever way we can as human beings.  I say to you if you are upset, mad and disappointed in the hate in this world, remember all the parts that make this world good.  Jimmy Fallon spoke on being a new father and what we can learn.  The lines around the block to give blood.  The vigils around the world.  People coming together for a cause, which is greater than all of us.  Any man’s death diminishes me:

no man is an island



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