I am in the corner of a coffee shop right now typing this.  I was sick all day yesterday…and last night we had a very bad storm and lost power.

On the way here, I got a text saying someone used my business credit card to charge $250 in lottery tickets after they went to Hardee’s on me this morning.

I was trying to deal with all of that on the cell phone in my car because I don’t have power…and I got out of the car and the wind blew my skirt up, so I mooned (I had on underwear FYI) the coffee shop.  Awesome.

Last week my work was crazy where I was blamed, yet again, for something my boss did wrong…again.

Stress is there in my life as we plan to send my daughter to college and think about that next chapter of our lives.  In reality, when has stress not been there though?

As you take a look at your life, it’s probably been moments of peace, followed by loads of ups and downs.  Right now might just happen to be an up or a down, but it’s what we do next that matters.

If you are in a down period, then I have the following steps for you today:

  1. Stay calm.  I know how hard that is.  Trust me.  What is something that you can actually control right now?  For me, I am doing it.  I took a sick day, and I am writing.  Writing calms me.  Stress can actually make you physically ill, and there is nothing wrong with taking some time for you if you truly need it.  That is what sick/personal days are for.  Sick doesn’t have to look like other people’s ideas of sick.  Sick can be that you are physically and mentally exhausted.
  2. Have you penciled in time for you?  You should.  On your calendar, where do you physically write in time for you?  if you don’t, no one else will know you need it.  Speak it into existence.  Tell your family, your boss, yourself if you work from home, or others.  You can’t be disturbed during this time on this day even if it is just a bath at your own house.  Make sure you have penciled in that time for undisturbed “you” time.
  3. Take note of what your health is telling you.  Are you getting headaches?  Losing weight?  Gaining weight?  Feeling completely fatigued and drained?  What is your body telling you right now that you have been ignoring?  Keep a wellness diary if you do not have one.
  4. Get a mentor, counselor, or enroll in a wellness program.  Lastly for today, I want you to actually invest in your well-being.  Paying money to go to a place will help you ensure that you are actually making time for you.  If you can’t leave home, or have restrictions on your physical body, invest in a meditation online program, yoga at home for all levels, or a combination type course that will hold you accountable.  There are many out there, but I do believe in the one that I built from the ground up.  The course I created focuses on your mental health (thinking patterns and how to change them), your heart and desires (what you want versus what you are settling for or what you think you deserve), and your overall health.  I would love for you to register and come to the next Master Class to learn more.

The bottom line is this, you have to be aware of what is happening to you and how your body is reacting, because stress is a real thing and it can bring you down if you aren’t paying attention to the signs.

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