5 Things That Cause Us to Lose Hope in Ourselves.

We all know that one person who seems to be a fountain of optimism while we are dragging ourselves through another day.  We love…and maybe secretly dislike, that person’s boundless positive energy.  The truth is, we just want to drink some of that Kool-Aid for ourselves.  You know that’s right.

It’s okay for us to be human in these moments.  It is okay for us to say “How does Such and Such always land on their feet?”  It’s okay to smile, for just a sec, and then think “Why can’t that happen to me?” or something a bit more negative, for just a sec, because you are frustrated.  This doesn’t make you a bad person and you need to know that right now.  Just don’t act on those thoughts, okay?  Because it is in those moments these 5 things cause us to lose hope in ourselves and our abilities to succeed in life.  Let’s break this down for a moment and then lean into the possibility that we can change things for ourselves as well.  After all, you wouldn’t be reading this if you didn’t want to change your thoughts.


5 Things That Cause Us to Lose Hope In Ourselves:

  1. We have let our desire fizzle out to only an ember.  Once it was a roaring flame that we sat around like a camp fire, and we invited friends over, had chats around it, told stories, and we all kept it going.  We roasted marshmallow and made S’mores.  But gradually, people stopped helping you keep that fire going, or perhaps, they started taking your fire wood.  They knew that you needed a bit of encouragement, but instead of handing you a fire starter, they threw water on it.  We gradually let them put that fire out until only a spark remained, but have no fear.  That spark is all that is needed to rekindle that old fire.
  2. We let someone else inside of the noggin space.  You knew they were trying to get in there…I knew they were trying to get in there.  We all knew it, but guess what?  We let it happen anyway as if we had no willpower of our own to stop it from happening.  It’s crowded up in here too.  We have past thoughts dragging us back to the starting line, then a giant booby trap, or trigger, tries to spring forth and get us to fall into that pit with the skeletons, and just when you think you have got it made in this present moment, Doc Brown and Marty try to take you to the future.  Kick. Everyone. Out.  The key to building up that hope again is to build the desire, yes, and then stay in the present moment.  Only focus on what you can change…right here.  Right now.  Okay, well I went back to 1992 as I was sitting in an auditorium listening to this awesome new song.
  3. We gave away our power.  We forgot that NO can be a complete sentence.  Not later, not right now, you literally tell someone NO.  I am not going to be treated like this anymore.  Buh-bye now.  And guess what?  It is okay to do that because some people will drain you of hope if you let them.  It is not your job to do that.  It is your job to make sure you are taking care of yourself so that you can put on your oxygen mask first…then you can help others.  But if you are over there passed out from trying to help them it serves no one.  Remember that.  I am feeling you needed to read this.  Put. On. Your. Mask. First.  Your reserves can then be divided up.
  4. We asked everyone else for advice…and ignored our own intuition.  A few months ago, I had this strange feeling that I ignored.  I asked someone else for some advice…and it didn’t end well.  Well, it taught me a lesson, but I actually knew never to ignore my gut feeling, and I was reminded again that no one knows what’s best for you and your situation except for you really.  We do crave that type of group acceptance, but that squashing down of gut feelings just to do what someone else says will not work in your favor.  Think about the times that has worked out for you?  I am talking about a deep, gut feeling that says “No.  Not that way.  Over here!”  Don’t ignore that.  We have learned the hard way that perhaps they want us to look the other way for a reason.  So trust your instincts here.
  5. We have, perhaps, surrounded ourselves with the wrong types of people.  The power of a collective mind can move mountains…and then drop them on you and crush you if you let them.  Who are you around most of the time?  Check out their statements.  I.  Me.  Myself.  << Not a team mindset.  Manipulative words to make you think you said something you didn’t say?  Perhaps even a bit of lying, backtracking and underhanded moves.  Friends night out…but you were not remembered.  They “forgot” and posted stuff all over.  <<< Things no one has time for as an adult.  I am so serious about this.   If you have children and they had friends doing this type of mess to them, would you allow it to continue?  What would you advise them?  Right.  So let’s take a look at a few more posts to help you get your groove back because you can do this.  Obi-Wan is not your only hope.  You are my friend.  You. Are.

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5 Things That Cause Us to Lose Hope in Ourselves.


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