5 Surprising Benefits of Meditation

First, I would like to start with the obvious.  What is meditation?  It is the habitual, as in you do it more than once, process of focusing your mind to the present moment and redirecting any stray thoughts that float in during that process.

At first, I thought it was sitting on top of a mountain, almost naked in the cold.  I envisioned being in Tibet somewhere learning this ancient art.

The truth of the matter is that anyone can learn to meditate and anyone can practice it.

I have tried guided meditation, where a voice is guiding me through letting go and releasing, I have done a walking meditation with Buddhist monks and then a silent meditation at the temple.

For me personally, I have to repeat a mantra, or phrase, or use guided meditation.  There are times I can really focus on my breathing as well and get really still.  But no matter what method I choose, I always feel better after meditation.  Even if I can’t stay focused for long, but end up doing a round of 3 breaths.

Yoga is also a moving meditation for those who are not aware.  I am truly linking my movements to the breath and dropping down into my body.  I am working to suspend judgement during yoga, which is really hard, and I am working on connecting to myself in a fluid manner.

So whatever you chose to do to focus your thoughts, your breath and your mind, here are 5 Surprising Benefits you might experience:

  1. The most obvious is stress reduction. We all have heard about stress and increased levels of cortisol on the body…and thus the inflammatory responses on the body.  But there are loads of studies, research and articles out there about how symptoms such as IBS, pain, fatigue, PTSD and more are noticeably better after starting to meditate.  Not to mention your blood pressure goes down as well.
  2. Another huge benefit in repeatedly working on your mind with meditation is it helps you control anxiety. That’s right.  You have a built-in tool that allows you to turn it on when needed and focus the thoughts that cause you anxiety.  If you just try to meditate for 4 weeks straight, you will reduce the symptoms of your panic attacks, phobias, paranoid thoughts and more.  Try it and see.
  3. Meditation is a tool that can go with you to work. That’s right…just like chair yoga you can incorporate this tool at work and feel better faster.  The truth is, there isn’t a place you can’t meditate for a few seconds, to minutes that can help you.  In traffic, after or before a meeting with a client, in places that cause you stress and more.
  4. Your pain level can actually decrease with meditation. I used this after a very bad injury as well as during some of the most painful moments of my life.  There was actually a study done on brain activity as patients experienced painful stimulus and the people who had gone through even 4 days of mindfulness meditation training reported less sensitivity to pain.
  5. Lastly, and this is just for today, because there are many more benefits, it improves sleep. It is widely studied and known that those who meditate can actually fall asleep sooner and stay asleep longer because it helps you direct your thoughts that run through your mind all night long before bed.  You really do relax and let go faster.

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