Becoming a mom…

I remember the first time I realized I was going to be a mom.  My husband and I were on our anniversary trip to Jamaica.  We went to one of those all-inclusive places where I got to go snorkeling for the first time, climb a waterfall, and of course, swim up to the bar in the pool.  The first day, I think I had a drink with alcohol in it, but after that, this little voice kept telling me to get the “milky baanaana” (imagine that with a Jamaican accent).  Not only were they great, but they didn’t have alcohol in them.  I ate yummy food the whole time, swam in crystal clear waters, and couldn’t wait to come home to take a pregnancy test.  On the flight back, for some reason, there was a problem and we had already boarded the plane.  We sat there waiting and waiting, and finally we took off.  It was a bit bumpy, and well, all I could imagine was something bad about to happen and I wouldn’t get to share my news.  I was saying a silent prayer and this man was looking at me funny, but I didn’t care.

When my parents picked us up at the airport, I told my dad I had to go to the store right away.  It was probably after 10 p.m. and they hadn’t seen us all week, but he took me to the store anyway.  When he asked me what I needed, I made something up.  My brother and his girlfriend (many, many years later would become his wife) were at the house waiting to hear about our trip, but I busted in and ran up the stairs.  By now, I think the women knew what was going on.  I took the test twice just to make sure and screamed.  As I said, I think everyone knew what was going on.  My brother’s girlfriend hugged me and we did the girl screaming dance in the hallway (It’s a shame boys don’t get to do this as it is very fun).

This is the only time in your life showing someone something you have peed on is appropriate mind you.  My dad just kind of stood there looking funny.  Poor dad.  I think we did some calculations after that to estimate a due date, and told them the names.  Now, if you are reading this and have not had children yet, but plan to, then you know the names have already gone around in your head.  I can’t speak for all women, but for the ones I know, on our honeymoon night, we have already come up with the names of our future children.  Seriously.  My daughter’s name was picked out before we even got married I think.  I knew she was going to be a girl.  There was never any doubt.  And when we took our first trip away from her for a long weekend to Las Vegas, ummm, well, it’s a joke in my family that the commercials are false advertising.  Not everything stays in Vegas, but that’s okay.  My parents decided we were done taking trips after that.  Two girls 18 months apart are difficult to travel with anyway.  Ha.  Joke’s on them.

There is only one pretty child in the world, and every mother has it.  ~Chinese Proverb


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  1. Reminds me of another quote from your great grandmother–“every crow thinks theirs is the blackest!

    Don’t mind a bit keeping my “girls”–it’s the two furry ones I wasn’t planning on.

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