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Hello friends.  I asked some of you in a previous blog to let me know what helps you get by, but I didn’t get as many responses as I would like.  Tonight I’d like to know what you do for a “pick-me-up”.  This does not mean merely getting by, it means what really helps you feel better.  I have been under some crazy stress the last few months.  I feel like it is finally on the downside now and boy am I happy.  I have been working on improvements in dealing with stress, but I haven’t got it all worked out quite yet.  Some of my friends deal better than others, and some hide it really well.  As you know, quotes help me to focus and visualize my thoughts.  I can see the words written just as I would like to say them, but it helps me to know that someone has already thought that same thing and experienced a feeling similar to what I am going through.  So many people feel they are alone in whatever it is they are dealing with, when in fact, they are not.  I recently had a bizarre set of circumstances happen to me, and when talking it over with someone, found out that this is not the first time this has happened.

Feel free to share whatever routine you have for making your life easier, and perhaps your advice will help someone out as well.  Don’t be afraid to share your positive thoughts and good feelings.  It might help someone when you least expect it.

“Trust yourself.  You know more than you think you do.”

~Benjamin Spock


7 thoughts on “Pick me up…

  1. I play soccer. While I’m playing, that’s all I’m thinking about, except for very rarely. Hitting weights helps sometimes because even if I’m feeling stressed, it feeds the fire to push the weights. Also, make use of the drive to and from work to try to unwind with music.

    Good quote by Dr. Spock. I generally find him to be quite the idiot and a big cause of disciplinary problems.

  2. Some things that help me get by….
    Opera therapy- singing in a ridiculous opera voice all day. I don’t know why, but it totally works.

    Listening to music-sometimes listening to songs that mean alot to me help me process all the associated bullshit that is connected to existing.

    Yoga- it gives me the sweet happy i love the entire freaking world buzz. i just wish that it didn’t make me so sweaty.

    Thinking about ridiculously hilarious scenarios in which my enemy at the time suffers a hilariously dastardly fate. Muahahahahahahahahaha (not death, mind you, just a comeuppance of sorts)

    I also like to look at funny cat stuff on the internet. If you make fun of me I will find you and hurt you.

    Friends always lighten the load. Remembering that everyone is going through their own personal struggles and that forgiveness is ususally the best route. After I plan their imaginary embarassing taste of Karma.

  3. I’m loving your blog, Aimee. It’s amazing what you’ve been going through all this time and how you can manage to get through it all.

    Aside from the usual foodie things like chocolate or wine and retail therapy, I guess things that I do to pick me up would be listening to music, going to be a bit earlier than I would normally (I can keep some pretty late nights sometimes) if I think it’s just tiredness getting to me. Or, chatting with friends about it.

    Unfortunately, I don’t do nearly as much exercise as I should do, but I used to enjoy hitting things too. hehe. So, squash or tennis was also a good way to deal with stress.

    Sometimes, if I’m down I just retreat and go into la la land. I guess that’s not really dealing with the situation but it helps to escape a bit.

  4. I’m starting to realize that running helps. I think exercise in general is good for getting you “out of your head” so to speak. Also, my mom always told me to find ways to help someone else. You feel better when you make someone else’s life a little better.

  5. I am loving your blog. I find hot bubble baths, writing down my fears and all the positive things I have in my life, positive self-talk, deep breathing and simply smiling all help. It is amazing what a smile can do. Other methods include talking to family and friends and watching a familiar feel good movie or show on tv.

    1. Thank you so much! You are right about a smile because even people who are having a bad day need to be smiled at:) It makes them wonder why you are so happy.

      1. I thought, “How cheesy. I am sitting in my car just smiling.” But, that is what makes it so uplifting. Whether it be the comedy you find in it or the fact that when you smile, you can’t help but think of good things.

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