Take me to “Funkytown”…

Have you ever listened to the lyrics of the 1980 hit songFunkytown”?  Well, I’m asking because I sometimes use the word “funky” to describe a mood I’m in.  I was in one of those moods today.  Okay, truth be told, I was in one of those moods for a few days.  So I started thinking about ways to pull myself out of it.  I went and worked out this morning for a while and it seemed to help, but then I felt myself slipping again after I had to take my girls to visit the orthodontist.  I got the preliminary estimate for my youngest daughter’s teeth contraptions.  I tried to look calm and appear nonchalant, like I had that kind of money just floating around.

Sigh.  I don’t think I was fooling anyone.  I had just been reading a magazine article on the kind of money movie stars throw around on their “play dates”.  Yes, I’m referring to movie stars as children, but really, a $5,000 a night hotel?  Don’t you know there are starving kids in Africa?  Didn’t your mom ever tell you that every night while you ate dinner?  I also enjoyed the breakdown of their outfits that “real” people like me could afford.  A very affordable $250 dress for everyday wear.  A giant purse at around $500, which I’m sure was a steal, and then the very affordable shoes at $155.  By the time we were done with that outfit, I could have put a deposit on my daughter’s fun new mouth gadgets.

So back to my mood.  I don’t like to be around people when I am not feeling most positive.  Unfortunately, there was nothing for it tonight as I had a previous engagement scheduled.  So, I bought some funky nail polish, and tried to groove “with some energy”.  I think I managed to pull it off, but I’m not sure how much longer I can hold “Funkytown” at bay.

“One night Roger was in a foul mood and he threw his entire bloody drumset across the stage. The thing only just missed me – I might have been killed.”  ~Freddie Mercury


3 thoughts on “Take me to “Funkytown”…

  1. Ahhh, the untold joys of the summer frustration. I know that you and I both love our summers, but they produce angst for me. I tend to overthink, overanalyze, beat myself up, and generally behave like a wierd hermit during the summer sometimes. Funkytown is not a myth, peeps. I understand the need and desire to hide. I also understand how sometimes you have to force yourself to show your face and force the happy into you in some fashion. Somehow, I completely understand how you are feeling. I am sure you are sooo shocked by this. 🙂

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