Have you ever pondered your friend’s status updates, posts, or ramblings on Facebook?  Sometimes, we all need a little encouragement, but recently a friend called it “egobook” and posted this “Welcome to Facebook…Where love stories are perfect. Where liars tell the truth. Where everyone brags they have the perfect life and claim to be in love with their partners. Where your enemies are the ones that visit your profile the most. Where your ex unfriends you. Where you post something and people interpret whatever they want. Repost this if you agree ;-)”.

Let’s get to the root of this post, shall we.  Love stories are never perfect.  If you have to post something all the time about how in love you are with your significant other, chances are, you are just trying to fool yourself or others.  Don’t worry, we aren’t really fooled.  Here is what you don’t get…it’s okay to be normal.  Not everything has to appear perfect.  On the flip side to this, please stop posting that you hate your life every single day.  This might cause your friends some alarm.  Or perhaps it doesn’t, but then when you really are in need of some help, no one will know.  It’s like the boy who cried wolf  fable.  Read up on it.  Ole’ Aesop was a smart cookie.

The next part is a little harder.  I don’t know that I like the word “enemy”.  That implies you have a foe who is threatening you.  Perhaps there are people out there who are jealous and want to be like you, so they try to undermine your confidence.  In this case, we can refer to them as Snow White’s stepmother, the Evil Queen.  If you are surrounded by EQ’s who constantly spy on you through their magic mirror, smash the mirror.  Well, okay, just hide them or something.  Sometimes it’s easier said than done, but just find a way out.

Lastly, don’t forget to “unplug” every once in a while.  People are starting to forget their manners.  They don’t always do what you think they should do just because it’s the right thing to do.  They don’t return calls, or e-mails, or messages, or any of the 50 other ways you have tried to communicate with them.  They sometimes appear to think the world revolves around them.  If you know someone like this, then slowly step away and see how long it takes before they realize you are gone.  They will point the blame towards you at first (see above statement about world revolving around them).  Eventually, they will come to realize you did try at least 25 ways to contact them.

In this crazy world where social networking has sprung up and appears to be here for the long haul, don’t forget that your words may linger long after you wanted them to.

“The real problem is not whether machines think but whether men do.”  ~B.F. Skinner


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