Aimee Halpin is a former educator, mother, yoga teacher, and fighter of obscure diseases (namely her own). She has been fighting invisible diseases for 17 years. She started her blog to help others fight illness and still maintain hope. Two years ago, she designed a series of steps to help lose weight after being told that there was nothing anyone could do to help her; furthermore, she started researching like a “mad woman” because she doesn’t believe in giving up.  From her years of research the Head|Heart|Health program was born as a way to help others realize that they too had the power to say “This is not how the story is going to end.” She changed the course of her illnesses and has helped others take back their lives. One day, Aimee will write a book.

A little more …

  • B.A. in English
  • Cum Laude Liberal Arts <<< does anyone care about this?
  • Physics is Elementary Science course work <<< teachery stuff
  • Wrote and authored grants <<< again with the teaching
  • Curriculum writer  <<< not really fun
  • One of her original quotes appeared in Bryant McGill’s Simple Reminder’s Inspiration for Living Your Best Life
  • As seen in Corey Poirier’s book Enlightened

Featured Writer for …

  • Awakening People
  • Elder and Wiser
  • Shelia Burke at ZenSational Living Blog
  • Goalcast
  • WomenforOne truth teller
  • Radiant Earth Magazine (no longer in publication)
  • Ghost Writer at “I can’t actually tell you” because that’s part of my agreement.

Interested in working with me?  I do write for other blogs from time to time, so contact me at Aimee Halpin

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