When you feel like burning a bridge…pause.

You have a plan. It’s going along nicely, until it isn’t. It was more like a guideline anyway. You text someone to ask how things are going and you get a very weird, very unexpected response that seems not cool. Okay you think. Let me pause.

Your kid forgets everything you ever taught them about what to do if they get into a fender-bender and sends you 3 texts after the fact and never once called you. You aren’t there, so you don’t know what happened, and guess what? She is okay. But you are not really happy about the ways things went down. She did some off the wall things like giving the other person your personal phone number. UMM. What? But you need to pause. Because she’s safe and it could have been worse.

Someone in business you were working with was supposed to help you with this deal…only they forgot to tell you once a certain amount of time was over, they were going to peace out and you’d be left on your own at a critical point where you really needed the next step that only they knew how to do. Breathe deeply. Deeply breathe.

Sometimes, the best thing you did during the day might have been to pause, not go off on a tangent, not place explosives behind you and blow it up so you can never go back. Because that’s just it. We can’t actually go back anyway. What is done is done.

Blowing it up might feel good, hell I know this. Trust me I have blown up some stuff before, but you can’t go back and change it. You can’t say oops my bad. Rewind. No. So practicing the pause is one of my best pieces of advice because trust me, it’s better to just breathe, pause and calm down first.

I can’t answer why people do the things they do in the moment. Panic. Ego. Lack of processing? Who really knows…because to be honest, they don’t know either. It’s not like we WANT bad things to happen. So while blowing up the bridges feels great in the moment, remember that if you ever want to build them back, it’s going to take some time.

Practice meditation, do the exercise or yoga, journal, and breathe. This too shall pass…even if takes a few years.

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