The Hypocrite’s Game: How Not to Play

I have been in contact with many hypocrites in my life.  They pretend to have morals or virtues that they don’t actually possess…until it is time to judge someone else.  There are loads of hypocrites in every field, religion, place of work, and family.  The nastiest of them all tells you how much they love something you have done while telling you that right now, how you are living, is not ____ (insert belief, view, etc.) up to par with your usual standards.  They actually mean their standards…of which, to be honest, they only have when someone is watching them or they can point out in judgement what you are doing wrong.

One of the things that I have come to notice later in life, is that when someone constantly talks to you about a negative topic, it is because they, themselves, are actually doing the negative thing they are warning you about.  Do you ever notice people who are very worried about your health?  Perhaps that you might be eating too much?  Maybe telling you to go on a diet?  I am sure by now you have noticed what they actually eat…and that perhaps, they want to lose weight, but feel that they can’t so they are projecting onto you. 

Sometimes, people who accuse most vehemently others of wrongdoing, have long been trying to get away with wrongdoing themselves.  Many people like to attack and place blame on others because they have not ever been able to step back and look at anything rationally in their own lives.  Everything that has ever happened to them has been, currently is and will perpetually be someone’s fault.  But not, mind you, their own.

It is past time to step away from these hypocrites.

How not to play the hypocrite’s game:

  1. Recognize the source.  Are they someone you know in real life?  If the answer is yes, then start to distance yourself from them and continue working on you…not them.  They won’t change, but you can.  If you do not know them, consider removing yourself entirely from their presence if it is online.  If it is someone’s friend, co-worker you really don’t have to see much, or someone else that you don’t really know in real life, you can unfollow, hide, de-friend or remove yourself.  Naturally, they will not be happy, but that has nothing to do with you.  You are doing what is right for your sanity…and energy.
  2. Notice the words the hypocrite uses.  They will be negative, condescending tones.  They may say things like “disappointed”, “bad”, “expected more”, because they have been told this their whole lives by other people.  They are now taking it out on you in a convincing “Clearly it’s not me, it’s you” type of diatribe and are often long-winded because they love to hear themselves speak…or text.  Bitter to the very end of the message…so take note.
  3. See it for what it is.  A game they have played over and over….but not with you.  Choose to simply not play.  That is right.  Hypocrites, manipulators, and most evil doers can’t stand it when you don’t return the move they just made.  What can they say?  They have won and clearly that was what they wanted.  They wanted to verbally abuse, get out their message, and then have you go back at it with them.  But it doesn’t have to be that way.  Decide it is not a game you want to play.  Not now, or ever.

The types of negative energy lovers are all out there playing a game that never gets them anywhere.  They will continue to stay stuck in their repeated patterns and thought processes while you will have grown, and moved on.  They will be thinking about the same things…taunting a new victim soon.  They will continue to be racist if that is what they hide behind, body shaming if that is their thing, better than everyone else in their own minds if it’s a self-esteem issue, you name it.

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Do your best out there not to become one too, and recognize that you are doing the best you can in any given situation and sometimes the best thing you can do, is to move on and far away from these behaviors.


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