The Dreaded New Year’s Post that isn’t Quite so Dreadful (5 habits to start right now)

Space.  The first thing I decided I needed was Space.  Not like space, the final frontier or anything.  Or even Space Balls.  And danger Will Robinson comes to mind as well, but more like I was in danger of burning out.

I took time off of social media.  Scheduled my fan page so people still had some nice things to read and think about that might help them get through a potentially rough time (the end of a year).  And I peaced out to a cabin in the middle of no where.

And it was glorious and I saw stars.  It is officially a dark sky project place where I stayed and I talked to Orion and made fires.  And hiked.

But now that I am back, I took 9 days before even thinking about writing this post for you.

So what did I do when I got back?


Here’s 5 habits I think you might like to start as well:

  1. I woke up 10 minutes earlier and then immediately put my goal for the day in my head in that theta sleep area still. The time between sleep and awake.  I was told this works really well, so I am going for it.  I stop thinking things like “It’s cold and I don’t want to get up.” To “I am going to workout today because I feel better when I do.”
  2. I got dressed to workout. If I thought it, and it was my goal, I have to do it.  So I put on the clothes to achieve the result.  If you are trying to get better at something this year, what would that person wear?  How would they feel when they woke up?  How would they act?  Do you need to buy some tools to be “them” which is really future you?  Just go for it here.
  3. I bought all the tools prior and had them sent to me. I love me some online ordering.  I make Jeff even more money, and I tried to stop for a while, but if I can’t find the thing, I order it.  I had these resistance loops I was using for my workouts and they kept slipping and driving me mad, so I researched non-slip loops and lo and behold they were on the Amazon site.  Why was I going to waist time with this goal if I knew I needed more equipment to help me or at least something better?  Look at what you are needing and evaluate the effectiveness of your environment to reach your goals.  Do you have what you need?  Can you sell what you don’t need?  There are ways to get money for things, honestly.  I sell loads, donate loads too.
  4. I took lots of time prepping my meals, and making sure I had the right vitamins. If I feel off, remember, if you don’t know me I have a “cuss word” gene that blocks vitamin absorption, and I have another gene that makes me produce too much iron, so I can get in fatigue easily.  Plus there’s autoimmune where food hates me occasionally so I can’t let myself be set up for failure.  That would be stupid of me.  I also don’t stay in what’s wrong with me as that doesn’t help.  I was born with whatever I have, and that’s that (I linked it for you to read more).   Now I have to focus on what I need to stay in the right frame of mind.
  5. I surround myself with like-minded people. I chat with other wellness entrepreneurs and I teach yoga to some amazing gals who are not where they want to be, but they know yoga makes them feel 100 percent better and that they are then getting better!  It is great to feel supported and I would love to help you should you need that support.  I do run an online support club (linked to read more) that is like those clothes boxes that come to your house, but the work in on the inside.  And it’s awesome to see the change from the inside out.  Especially if you face invisible illness like myself.

And that, my friends, is how I started this year and I hope it helps you think about what you have in your life right now as well.

Need to read more about how I healed myself?


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