Reprogramming the Ego: Releasing Negative Thoughts

I know what most people think of when they hear the word ego.  They think of an inflated sense of self and people who act in an egotistic way normally.  However, this is where we really need to dig deeper.

The ego is basically your identity.  And it never stops talking to you from morning until night…at least for most people it doesn’t stop.  I want you to think of a computer program, like good ole’ Tron, and how codes are there for your story, your beliefs, your interactions with certain people deeming them “good” or “bad”, etc.  It’s all there.

Your ego often thinks it is in charge…okay, it really thinks it’s in charge, and 90% of what it tells you is old news.  Repetition.  Did you know that?  The same old shit different day, but it loves to bring it all up again, and again, and again.  Never letting you forget it.

Your Ego is usually in charge when:

  • You notice a blip in the Matrix.  Just kidding, but you get this feeling that you have heard this story for the thousandth time in your head and you don’t even know how you got to thinking about that…again.
  • You feel let down by your appearance and material things.  You didn’t get a fancy new car…you didn’t have the money for that and you feel a bit deflated because of it.
  • Does my butt look big in this?  No.  Don’t answer this.  Wait is my butt looking big a good thing or a bad thing?  How will others see me in these pants?  What am I doing?   I can’t go to this thing in this.  I have nothing to wear!  < Ego talking.
  • Self to self: That really isn’t fair that Barb got invited to the party and I didn’t get to go.  Maybe they don’t like me.  Maybe they are all laughing about this right now?  Wait, what are they doing?  I have to check and see how much fun they are having and then post pics of me having more fun than they are!  << Ego.  Note: Barb didn’t have fun.  She was pulled into the Upside Down.

How do we start the reprogramming process then?

  • It’s very important to notice when we are not clearly in control of our thoughts, and they are “running away” with us.
  • Material things will try to distract you and make you think that attachment to them will solve your problems, but that material greed can be stripped away at any time.  For example: A huge high paying job could be the cause of a heart attack.  A boob job could be the cause of health problems later down the road.  An expensive new wardrobe might come with very high credit card bills and then you are paying on those clothes forever.
  • The fad dieting that you want to try might not be lasting change and could cause harm if you aren’t eating right.
  • The programming took years and it’s now time to recognize that each thing we become attached to, has the potential to become an obsession that we will later need to let go of.

To take back control of your subconscious mind, try the following:

  1. Notice where your thoughts are going and don’t go there.  As soon as you become aware, focus on the breath.  Sit up straighter.  Roll your shoulders back and elongate your spine.  Breathe in and out for a full round of 3 to clear your mind back to the present moment.  As you do this, you become consciously relaxed in the present and you are not all in your “head” being driven around by the ego.
  2. As emotions try to control you, learn how to take them back.  Think about what you have to gain from being down on yourself?  What do you have to gain from negative emotions and pot stirring thoughts?  What do you have to gain from talking bad about someone?  Now do the opposite of what ego wants you to do in that very moment.  Ego wants you to get mad over something?  Grab on to a peaceful thought instead.  Ego wants you to criticize yourself?  Tell yourself something good instead.  Ego wants you to say something ugly to the gossip around you?  Walk away or let others know that it doesn’t serve you or them to participate in that kind of behavior.
  3. Affirmations can help you reprogram certain thoughts.  I know you have heard me say 100 times during my video chats, but my favorite way to beat back my belittling thoughts daily was to tell myself “I am Healing.”  When pain arose and that damn ego said “I told you that pain was still there.”  I would say “I am Healing.  I am pain free.”  When it tried to play the same negative mix tape it sent me years before from the 80’s, I said nope.  It’s time to get some new tracks.  Like this song.  Please sing this with me right now.  Or you can’t read the rest of this. Don’t Stop Believin’ >> Don’t let ego judge his awesome fashion choices. Or the sweet hair on the guitarist.  It was manly back then.
  4. Create that positive environment and fill it with great reminders.  Take a sticky note like I told you the other day on the page…or your journal, and really get the best quotes, reminders, phrases, and affirmations for your soul there.  Use it to pick you up.  When we show acts of compassion to ourselves and others, things begin to change.  Ego is locked in a war with our true selves.  Self, source, spirit, or whatever you call it is still there…under all these years of past programming and to be honest, you never wanted some of those thoughts anyway, so there is no time like the present to start changing this programming.

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