Re-energize Your Life in 5 Days!

At some point in your life, your routine becomes just that.  Routine.  You start to forget the things that make you feel alive…and happy. 

You’ll start to notice those signs because you won’t actually want to go into work, or you might hit snooze on your alarm clock and tell yourself it’s just 5 more minutes (it never really helps, does it?).

Your friend might ask you to go out and you will come up with some excuse as to why you need to stay home (which I totally get, but, old you knows you need to get out and see people in order to continue to have a relationship with them).

You put self-care routines way down bottom.  To the point that they are almost non-existent and you tell yourself you just don’t have time for (hair, nails, or insert thing you like to do___).

You already know this, but we spend MOST of our time sleeping in life, the second most WORKING, and the third seems to be television.  I am a big fan of Netflix, but even I have to say it’s no TV or phone time for my family.  Do the above things fulfill you?  Probably not (well sleeping, yes I can see that).

In no particular order, try these things for the next 5 days:

  1. Schedule in the passion.  Not the passion like that.  Although you most certainly can if that’s needed.  No, I mean the passion being the thing you love to do.  What is it?  You’ve got JUST as much right to enjoy life as everyone else out there (no matter what other people say).  Are you having fun daily?  What do you miss that you want to do?
  2. Connect with nature.  Depression can set in when you don’t get natural sunlight.  Numerous studies show that low vitamin D leads to depression, bone pain, fatigue and tiredness, as well as getting sick, slow healing wounds and more.  Is your office like a dungeon without a window?  Get outside at least once or twice daily.  Take a walk, connect with other co-workers.  Ask them to go for walks if you have a place like that where people are allowed to take lunch.  Depriving yourself is bad for your health.  Truly.
  3. Exercise.  You can combine the above with this or do it separately.  It is not okay to sit at a desk for 7 hours and look down…or even more.  Trust me, I know what it does to your neck, shoulders, and hips.  When I first created my 4 Weeks to Wellness program, I had been sitting for years.  I never once, NOT once, was told that there was a connection to the amount of pain I was in with being stagnant.  Think about it.  Your body is not moving…your joints start to hurt, and you start to feel stagnant.  Old.  Your energy will feel that way too.  Almost like the tin man…without the oil.  As I learned about how the body works, I created a program that would help clients get back to their lives and feel better even if they did work all day.  We looked at movement, nutrition, self-care and what stress did to you and then how to balance it out.  Want to learn more?  >>> Here <<< it is worth taking a look into.
  4. Ditch the negative talk…and reach out to a mentor or someone who inspires you. When I was not able to motivate myself, I reached out to a mentor.  I have had a few over the years at different points in my life, but the one I have now inspires me the most as he has faced many problems in his life, but he just keeps going…and making his life better as well as those he works with.  The objective mentor WILL tell you when you are being ridiculous and it IS needed.  Sometimes you forget how awesome you are, but equally you forget to check your nonsense at the door.
  5. Eat and drink well. Those headaches you get are often signs of stress, yes, but equally they can be signs of bad food getting to you, not hydrating enough, and/or needing electrolytes.  Don’t forget that alcohol can feel good at the end of the day, but if you have headaches daily, probably not what you need.  Go for the coconut water.  And go for a walk…or a nice meditation.  Seriously.

Want to take the challenge with me helping you out all month long?  Come join us in the Head|Heart|Health Club. 


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