My danger-prone dachshunds…

So, if you have been following my blog for a small length of time, you might not be aware of my furry children.  This is a rather sad post here about something that happened that I had no control over.  My dog Noel.  I tried really hard to fix her, as noted in this post.

But I just couldn’t and it devastated me to the point I have not been able to really get past it.  This is the post where I wrote a letter to her.  Don’t read it if things make you sad.

Because of all of this terrible sadness, anytime something happens to my dogs, I get scared now.  Really, really scared.  So my oldest dachshund has also had lots of problems mostly due to his back going out too, but not all traces back to that.  At this point in my life, I should have a nest egg.  I am going to be very honest with you.  I don’t.  I actually am financially worse off now than I was when I graduated college.  How can this be you might ask?  Or maybe you are just nodding your head because you understand.  When the market turned, we lost some money on our house and have never been able to dig back out.  It doesn’t matter how I guess, but it didn’t help when I started getting worse off.  The weird or ironic thing is that stress makes me hurt more and causes flare ups.  Not having money stresses me out.  So the cycle continues.  When people tell me they have no money, I nod my head.  I’m with you.  I get it.Jameson

I do have a plan, I do.  I really, really, tried to save money.  I did.  Cross my heart.  But then the accidents with my dogs started to happen.  Then the incident I wrote about last year that rhymed with bats in my attic, but wasn’t bats happened.  Then, when we got our adorable brand new black and tan dachshund girl to make me less sad about losing the other girl, we went on a vacation with my parents…the only way we can afford to go as a family, and someone left a pill.  A PILL, under a bed in the PET FRIENDLY cottage.  So what happens when my tiny new ball of cuteness eats this pill?  Can you guess?  She almost died.  SHE almost FREAKING died from someone’s negligence who had been there before us.  THIS cute baby right here in this post.

So there was the emergency out of town vet trip, and nursing her back to health the entire trip.  The cost of that was $600 or so.  Anyway, the point is, life is hard.  It does not always cooperate the way you expect it to.  It doesn’t fit into neat little boxes.  So then, that same cute baby…only she looks like the last photo now, anyway, she fell off the freaking couch while playing a game with her cream brother.  So back to the vet we went…just last month.

So then my first baby, well, he swells up in the middle of the night FOR no reason I can see.  His jaw is swollen and he starts hiding his face.  He is my first baby.  He went to the vet for teeth extraction…and medicine.

sick_DuncanAuthor’s note…he lived 2 more years, to the ripe old age of almost 17…119 in dog years I think.

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