My bruise hurts more…

This post wrote itself many times last night while I was trying to sleep and I wouldn’t get up to write it.  A bruise forms when the soft tissue of your body gets bumped.  I have a lot of bruises…sad to say.  I was thinking about how much this one in particular hurt, and how I was comparing it to the others.  All of a sudden, I thought about someone who has never let their bruise heal.  They seem to be unable to let it go through the stages of healing.  Am I like that?  Do I carry a grudge because things keep happening to me?  I think I do.

This person comes across as sad, and angry.  They don’t seem to want to heal.  They are mad at the world.  I thought about something a friend said…I need to continue to be polite to them because they can’t help it.  It never was about me.  I know that.  So I’m not going to play the game of my pain is more than yours…you win.  Your bruise hurts more because you don’t allow yourself to heal and I can see that now.  That is not how I want to live, so I am moving forward.  It is not easy, but then again, no one ever said it would be.  My bruise is fading already.



4 thoughts on “My bruise hurts more…

  1. Some bruising is necessary. It’s part of learning what we should avoid. The key is learning and moving on. Both of those parts…learn and move on. The latter without the former leaves one destined to find oneself in the same predicament. The former without the latter leaves one wiser, but bitter. Neither is a great place to be.

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