Motivational Monday…for the dogs

Home Office Ponderings…

I thought about this post for most of the day…but honestly I wasn’t feeling well, so I am late in posting:)  Most of my friends went back to work today in the traditional sense.  I went back to work on making posts, quote posters and taking care of social media for a few local businesses so I didn’t have to call my boss and take a sick day.  My office staff was not particularly helpful; however, they are cute and fluffy.  They tend to take lots of naps and need numerous potty breaks.  Just in case you are new, my office staff looks like this:

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Anyway, I happen to find a hilarious and introspective quote last night that I wanted to share with you today.  Mostly because I love Ellen…I really do.  So Ellen, if you happen to be reading this, I absolutely love the way you give back on your show.  And if I ever find myself paying off the expenses of the above mentioned office-staff, well, I’d love to do more of what you do.  I know over the years I’ve picked one month to give to people in need, but I’d really like to make it an all year long thing.  So here you go:



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