Motivational Monday…

Laughter…it really is good medicine.  There is this go-to guy I invite on outings when I want to laugh my bum off.  Seriously.  He probably doesn’t even know he is my go-to guy.  He might have some idea, but he really is fun to be around, so I planned this special outing called a “friend” date.  Well, I let my husband think he invited him since he’s his friend, but I planted the idea.  I also happen to have a go-to girlfriend I call my CBFF (crack-a-lackin best friend).  I knew I would have a great time with both of my pranksters in tow.  The idea behind it was that both of us would have a friend around who genuinely can make life fun anywhere.

So, I won’t go into the entire story, but of course, something funny happened.  We were at this local theme park doing spooky night things for Halloween, and this guy came at me with a chain saw.  Now, I saw him, and wasn’t afraid.  But what I did next was ummm dumb, because I turned around to face him thinking he would stop if I looked at him and didn’t try to hide.  Mr. Funny happened to be beside me at that point and erm the chainsaw guy kept coming at me.  I grabbed Mr. Funny and backed up, but didn’t know the curb was behind me.  Somehow, I ended up butt down in a juniper bush with Mr. Funny trying not to fall on top of me.  It was hilarious.  We laughed about it the rest of the night.  Amongst other jokes involving things I won’t mention here.

So, today’s motivation is to get your funny bone on.  Plan a night out.  Rent your favorite movie, or DVR whatever makes you laugh.  Put the Ellen show on for 5 minutes, ha.  She cracks me up.  Of course, there is my all time favorite man.  Eddie Murphy.  Anyway, just relax and have a good time.


This was pretty popular over on my FB page, so I thought I’d share it.  I kept imagining Axel screaming…ha.


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