Motivational Monday…

I sat eating the sandwich I made today for lunch and don’t remember even tasting it.  I knew it was there, and pondered why I had even made a sandwich, but I knew I had to eat at some point in the day.  I was glad I had prearranged an outing, especially when I got the text that asked if we were still on for today.  We had plans I thought?  Sure, um yes.  I had just finished reading the young girl’s obituary, and was crying again.

You don’t have to know who or what or why, but just know that every time someone close to me goes through something, I put myself in their place.  Every. Single. Time.  When I have gone through that process, I begin to feel better.  It is just part of who I am.  I couldn’t change it if I wanted to, and believe me, there are times I want to.  Some of you are wondering how this fits in with motivation, but others, oh others are nodding their heads.

Whatever your cycle is for grief, complete it and be done.  Move forward as soon as you are able because time is precious.



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