8 Ways to Let Go of Your Old Nonsense

You are ___ years old and you have accumulated years worth of “stuff”.  You probably have a “junk” drawer, who invented that anyway?  A closet where things go to hide, think Monica on Friends, a garage, an attic, I could go on.  That is physical “junk”, but what about spiritual?  Yes, that is there too as well as mental nonsense that is dragging you down.

Let go of your old nonsense.  It’s time.  But how you ask?  How?  That is what I cover almost daily in the Head|Heart|Health Club.

Your task today my friend, should you choose to accept it, is to make a list of what you would really like to let go of.

Areas that need a good “letting go” include, but are not limited to:

  1. Closets.  Stop holding on to size (insert here) things that you would not wear again even if you were that size.  Celebrate when you get where you want by buying something new.  Consign your old clothes, get a check and use that money for your new celebration.  It will feel 10 times better that way!
  2. Garage mess.  So you did a project…or 100.  You might need x,y, and z you thought…10 years ago.  And haven’t used them to date.  Get rid of it.  Get rid of it I say!  You will feel physically better.
  3. Kitchen gadgets.  If you don’t use your garlic smasher, why keep it?  What about all that stuff you bought from your neighbor’s home party?  Gone.  She doesn’t come in an inspect your kitchen right?  Donate.
  4. Bedroom.  Dust.  I know, it’s not fun, but when you go to bed at night and your bedroom is clean, you really will feel better!  I promise you.
  5. Old thoughts.  Surprise.  If you have thought it before and nothing has changed while you kept holding onto it, let it go.  How?  See the new video on the front of this blog home page on how to center yourself and drop into the present moment.  Do this every time you find yourself in the past.
  6. Doubt.  Fear, doubt, anxiety, it is holding you back and it loves to keep pulling you back into the past.  Into the unknown and creating a pathway for your thoughts that are filled with pitfalls, doom and gloom.  I covered lots of ground today in a class for my club, but here is a preview for you to watch on how to Believe in Yourself.  Your beliefs are what is shaping your world.  I know that it can be done as I have seen the power of my thoughts change my own world.  Not sure what I went through?  >> The Steps I took to Change my Life <<
  7. Pain.  I know that there is physical pain and mental pain.  I went through both for many years (constant physical pain for over 5 years 24/7), and I understand how difficult this one can be.  However, we have more life left to live in this world so I want you to wake up.  Think of 3 things to be grateful for, and if all else fails, try my coffee “graditation” and see how you feel after.
  8. The past.  It is time to let go of who you think you are NOT.  Those kinds of thoughts are not serving you and are keeping you rooted in the past.  I know that this one is harder said than done, but I truly believe in you and would love for you to come along on our journey into the new year with positive thoughts for the next 30 days.  I would love for you to sample my yoga from home poses, I give you over 8 poses that can be used with chair modifications, as well as our tutorials and private classes just for you.  This helps you DO the work here in the present moment as the past really has nothing new to offer you.  If you are holding on to things that you really are tired of, that are weighing you down, and that you would rather leave behind, consider joining us for just a month.

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