Learning to Control Your Highly Sensitive Emotions

Have you been called highly sensitive?  Empathic? Or viewed as someone who is mistrustful?  The truth is, as time goes on, my senses have started to go into overdrive on certain days, and I have had to teach myself how to handle this.  Luckily for me, I have a friend who REALLY really gets this.

Firstly, we need to accept this as a gift.  Just like any other gift we didn’t ask for, we have it.  Let’s start with an open mind about it.  Yes, I have my top post where I let us all vent.  I did.  It was necessary for us to get out our feelings.  I felt called to write that post, and you guys showed up and told me that you needed to hear this!!  I am honored by your truth…but you already know that.  He hee.

Next, we need to take stock of what is going on around us at the time of the emotional shift.  What just happened?  Were we talking to someone on the phone, messaging, or communicating with someone?  Were we alone?  Were we perhaps say browsing the interwebs?  Any of the webs.  They are in fact a web of mostly lies, or one snap photos, or fake stories, etc.  But we take note of that even if it doesn’t register right then.  We see someone’s happiness, promotion, good news, sad news, rant, breakup, divorce, or vague status and we think about it.  So observe when this happens.  Just observe for right now.

The third thing that we need to really be aware of is letting our thoughts take control of our physical body.  Do you feel sick to your stomach? Get a headache?  Physically have to run to the bathroom?  Does certain news, moods, people, behaviors make you ill?  What could you do to stop this process?  Hopefully I can help you with advice on this.

Learning to Control Your Highly Sensitive Emotions:

  1. Limit your time on social media IF possible.  This one is really hard.  I know because it’s sort of my job.  So if you can’t limit your time, learn to un-follow people/things, take breaks, get up and walk away from it.
  2. We have to stop the suffering of our body.  We do have deep feelings, so we are prone to great highs and great lows.  We might even worry about others because we know something they don’t.  The worry is the suffering.  We need to become aware of it, and replace it with love and light towards this thing.  Whatever it is.  See if you can flip it around and think, what is this trying to teach me?  And what do I need to learn from it?
  3. Exercise, meditate or do yoga.  Yes, my preference is yoga since I am a yoga teacher; however, you might enjoy running or even a walking meditation where you just clear your head and walk.  You can chant a mantra if needed or simply the word “release”.  If you pray, this can be your time to reflect on what you think God is showing you.  The choice is yours, but start a habit of getting away from the negative thoughts or feelings.
  4. Take this quote with you and digest it “The art of knowing is knowing what to ignore.” ~Rumi  Do you know what to ignore?  What things are simply not yours to take on and what are these feelings trying to show you?  Trust me when I say, I know it’s a hard place to be in.
  5. Forgive yourself and it becomes easier to forgive others.  Release the control, the anger, the anxiety, the frustration, the envy, and anything you know will not serve you.
  6. Let go of everything you think you didn’t do right.  Let it go.  Live in the now as you move forward.

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