Karma is crack-a-lackin…

Last night I had my usual round of Hot Yoga even though I wasn’t feeling it.  I had already worked out, and my body was tired, but I really love this class.  The warm air surrounds me and makes me feel comfortable even though I am in pain.  I got my usual spot and prepared to let tension go.  For some reason, the most in shape, stretchable, yoga loving people always pick the spot in front of me.  It’s not that I mind…okay,  I do.  I secretly want to push them over while they are showing off their best ever tree pose.  Not a nice thing to think.  I’ll admit it.  I am supposed to be sending positive energy to those around me.  It’s hard to think positively when super woman is in front of me doing the camel pose looking at me all upside down like in her spandex with a secret smug smile.  I could break you like a twig.  Wait, positive thoughts.  Okay, so some poses I do better than others.  So, I make it through all the poses and I even do a great standing bow.  I am not going to let them bother me.

The bottom line is, we all have our strengths and weaknesses and this class is supposed to be about healing for me.  I can’t let these things get to me.  Just like my job.  Something a little weird happened today.  Someone got caught in one of their own stories.  Maybe if you would do what you are supposed to do, this wouldn’t happen.  My thoughts were that placing the blame on others was going to come back and get this person.  Oddly enough, I think it did.  I heard about four different stories that seem to fall back on something this person did.  Karma is funny like that.  You really should watch what you do.  So the next time I am in yoga class, I will continue to try my best at the more difficult poses, and I will remember that right after this girl did her smug smile, she almost fell and had to step out of the next pose.  See, karma is funny like that.

How people treat you is their karma; how you react is yours.

~Wayne Dyer


2 thoughts on “Karma is crack-a-lackin…

  1. Karma is a bitch…..and that bitch is me..

    But seriously. I am trying to use the quote you put at the end and use it in real life.

    How people treat you is their karma, how you react is yours.

    Wayne Dyer is a weeeee bit too much into the secret, but it makes sense. i like it.

    Don’t push the fella yogaers over, the will eventually fall over all by themselves.

    Perhaps Mr. Rogers is leaving the neighborhood. look out for some used gently used blue shoes and a sweater for sale on ebay.

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