K.I.T. like you mean it…

I haven’t posted in a few days due to my social calendar.  Ha ha ha.   Just saying that makes me laugh.  My normal nights have consisted of being covered in dachshunds, watching the Olympics with good ole’ Lorwynd.  I don’t mind the down time.  However, I was getting tired of watching a particular person on the telly, so it was fine that I was booked this week.  On Wednesday, I had some girl time with a friend of mine from work.  I feel like it is important to make visual contact with your friends and not just “see” them every once in a while on the book of face.  As I mature get older, I have less time for people who don’t try equally as hard as you do in a friendship.  Do you get what I mean?  I know you do.

So wine on Wednesday night, under the stars, listening to a band, with co-workers whose company I enjoy was perfect.  They make me laugh, and we span the age range of 27 to umm well I think one of them was over 50, but I’ll stop there.  She looks phenomenal and dresses so sharp at work I forget her age.  I love being the “age” where age doesn’t matter anymore.

On Thursday night, we went to another outside event with neighbors and friends meeting us near a lake behind our house.  We love 80’s music and try to catch this band whenever they are near us.  The children ran up and down a hill with their friend while we chatted with our friends.  I have to admit I have been slack on the bedtime routine, but I figured summer is short and memories last longer.

Last night we were invited to my friend’s 40th birthday party.  It was a great time made even better because I got to reminisce with one of my guy friends.  He was always the life of the party and everyone always screamed out his name when we saw him coming in the door.  The most hilarious thing is the fact that we both agreed we have no idea how we stayed up so late in college, made it to class and got everything done without needing recovery time.  I believe he had some soda in his red solo cup last night, but I didn’t ask.  We were too busy talking about days gone by and how much our lives had changed.  One of the best things is realizing that some things never change.  My girlfriends and I still screamed out his name when we saw him come in door, still ran over for a big hug, but this time we included a hug for his wife too.

I’m not sure how busy your schedule is on a daily basis, but make time for those you want to keep in your life.  You will be glad you did.  Some friendships can pick up right where you left them like no time has passed, but it still takes work to keep in touch.

“When you’re happy, I’m happy.  When you’re sad, I’m sad.  When you’re lonely, call me!”  ~Author Unknown


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