How Low is Your Energy (and 5 tips to raise it)

So I was sitting here thinking about how low can you go…like maybe we’re all doing one of those limbo dances and we don’t realize that it was actually a dance that started in Trinidad at wakes.  Then I started thinking this whole year felt like a wake.

I mean let’s think about it.  A wake is a vigil for someone who has died, and to be honest, I feel like a part of ALL of us has collectively died this year.  Maybe this isn’t what you were expecting, but honestly, no one will be the same so I want you to really understand that when I say we’re all in this together, we really are.

In my lifetime, there hasn’t been a situation like this so it is only NATURAL to be experiencing ups and downs.  But I want you to focus on the vision of holding your energy at a fairly balanced place for the rest of the year (if you can) and don’t worry if it slips.

So let’s take a look at some things we can do…and remember this has not come to stay, this has come to pass (I heard that quote somewhere).

  1. Fill up your water bottle.  Drink some water throughout the day as being dehydrated can cause major fatigue.  If you literally feel sluggish, water helps cells carry waste away so think about that.  Not to be gross, but if your pee looks like it could stand up on it’s own and is very dark, please drink more water.
  2. Get outside.  The screen time right now is too much.  Honestly, it’s probably always been too much, but right now, it just seems like we’re taking a cord from the Matrix and plugging in, but it’s draining our life force (I am crossing genres, but whatever).  Think of the things you see on the screen nowadays.  None of it fills me up unless it’s some kid photos, or great memories from Timehop, but why sit around and stare at the screen?  Schedule breaks.  They are required for this year from hell.
  3. Massage your head.  Rub your scalp in a gentle, circular motion for 2 minutes.  Massage stimulates nerve endings and then can increase blood flow and get your circulation pumping.  Place your forefingers behind your ears, press for 10 seconds and release.  We do this in yoga to help us relax and it is my go-to for releasing the stuck feeling of stress.
  4. Dance magic, dance.  David Bowie approves of this one.  Start a dance party in your kitchen, or in your office.  Stand up, take a break, and put on your favorite song.  Bongo solo not included.  Yes, I have bongos in my office that I do not know how to play, but if Sheldon can do it, so can I.  Anyway, exercise relieves muscle tension and causes your brain to release endorphins.  It helps you take in more oxygen and fires up your metabolism.  Sitting all day was NOT how we were designed.  If you are working from home, studying or just sitting because, well, this year, anyway get up and dance.
  5. Use aromatherapy.  Cut up a lemon and have it near you as you work or use a diffuser and turn it on periodically.  If that’s not your thing, get up and make some aromatic tea like peppermint.  I have this horrible thing happen to me when I wear the masks (this is not saying I don’t wear them, etc. etc. not the point), but I do struggle with a gag reflex that is very odd.  I have always had it, and had this before COVID was a thing when I had to wear the masks at a doctor’s office.  I feel better when I use peppermint oil, just a bit, on the side of the mask where the label might be.  I teach myself calming and relaxing visualizations as I wear them, and have managed to conquer the reflex for the most part now, but it took me months.  Guys.  It is okay to say you are struggling with this year.  No one should shame another person for being honest about this.  At first I was afraid to admit it was hard on me because there are people looking to shame others for how they are dealing and what their beliefs are.  We can do better than that.

This is not a normal year.  We were not made to hide away, not have contact, not see facial expressions, be alone or apart, and live in constant worry.  All of that drains your energy.  Please understand that different views from our own are okay.  We can co-exist with people who are learning this year and trying to get through it, and understand that we are honestly all doing the best we can with whatever data we feel we have been given.  I do ask everyone to be their own best advocate and think about your life, and what makes you feel safe.  The biggest thing I am trying to teach my girls through this year is to respect others views, values, and not live in fear, but yet, live in hope that we will all celebrate and hopefully be more grateful for life, each other and something as simple as a smile after this.

This too shall pass.  Need more?  See here for online help.

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1 thought on “How Low is Your Energy (and 5 tips to raise it)

  1. Needed these reminders. Back to work after a week in hospital and ten weeks recovery due to a traumatic car wreck. I barely sleep and when the weekends come I spend most of it in bed. I know I must push myself. Again thank you.

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