Getting Your Stuff Together (Tips for staying sane)

For all I know this title will be flagged, but whatever.  We have made it to level 2021.  I don’t know how.  But we made it. 

In my personal opinion, this is the YEAR you stay in your lane.  What does that mean exactly?

Well last year was a bit umm crazy in case you missed it.  I will not list everything that happened, but Murder Hornets seemed to be the most normal thing.  Other than the release of the UFO information.

What I would like for my clients, friends and family is to make a list of things that make you VERY happy.  I know this sounds like a silly thing to do, but I want you to do it.  It can be as easy as writing down songs you love, places you can still travel to this year WITH whatever your country’s restrictions are in place and legally.  I want you to list all the state parks if you live in the US and if not, list places you can walk.  The seaside, etc.  Think of things like sit outside with a firepit, put tent up in your backyard, or whatever.

Next, I want you to take that list, and keep adding to it.  All year.  I want you to pick at least 2-3 things a month to do.  Maybe it’s spend some money pampering yourself with those masks that are paper.  Maybe it’s buy a book or go to a library, but not everything is closed.  Think outside of the box.  If you happen to be a Club member of mine, please know I will help you brainstorm anytime you post in our closed Facebook group, or you message me.

Okay, next.  The hard part.  Write a list of all the people you miss.  Physically here please; however, if they are not physically here and you are able to do so, you can visit their resting place.  I want you to cultivate relationships in the now.  While I still place an arrangement at my grandmother’s grave every year on her birthday, I allow myself that day to miss her, but I also think of her with fondness and communicate with her in my prayers/thoughts.  Why do I want you to make this list?  Okay, here it comes.  Are there people you have burned bridges with that if something was to happen, you would want some closure?  Look down the list and think about the people who you talk to, but could chat with more if you scheduled time.  Facetime, Zoom, regular old phone call, whatever.  Then think about the ones that maybe are going to require a letter.  You might not speak to them again, but you have something you want to just close in your life.  Maybe it’s a regret.  Go ahead and write those folks.  You never know what might happen.

Now.  What do you miss MOST about your life before the shit hit the fan in your country/state/planet?  If you are an advanced life form reading this though, why are you here?  Like really.  Anyway.  Is there anyway you have control over what you miss?  If the answer is NO to anything on that list, put it on another sheet of paper and carefully burn that.  Like in your firepit on a full moon or a day you are feeling “some kinda way”.  Let that stuff go.  Now, if there is something you miss that you can control, make 1 note next to it that you need to address it.  Again, if you are a club member and need my help, you know about monthly brainstorming live sessions so please show up to the chats and drop it in there if I can help.

I am getting ready to do a big private chat and if you are reading this, whenever that is, please let me know if I can help you by registering for my class, dropping in the group and telling me how I can help you stay in your lane this month.  We are taking baby steps.  I am here to support you with the materials online, but you have to show up to do the work with me.

I hope this helps you, and if you want to catch the class,  >> here is how to register.  <<   Go there, put your information in and if you want to send the class/club to someone as a gift, check that box on the form.  It is right under your information saying this product is for someone else. 

You get 2 classes a month for that (less than $1 a day) as well as the online portal where the videos are housed and uploaded in case you get off the book of Face for good, and monthly tips, yoga for desk/chair, meditations and more.  It’s all there for you. If I can be of service, let me know.  ~Aimee

Again, if you missed it, the Club will host the next class so read more here << on why it’s cool to be there.


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