Cyber Motivational Monday…

I know you have 125 e-mails or more today, so why not add something to that.  I am feeling really inspired and might possibly be launching the blog as a web page in the New Year.  I am getting chapters together to help people with invisible diseases and trying to decide on an e-book or how to go about doing this thang for real.  Anyway, I added 5 new customers last month to my business and I love helping people.  I guess I was so worn out from seeing the hopelessness in the support groups that I just couldn’t stand it anymore.  But that’s not what this post is about.  Soooo, ahem, reeling it back in.  For more on what I do, check the tab here that says Vitalize You.  It’s more than what it appears.  I consult with people based on their needs and offer suggestions of my products.

Next, I made a small quote store.  As most of you know, I love quotes!  Ha, so find a few here and also show off your support of my blog by wearing a T-shirt made with my fave quote.  “Today I will take the opportunity to do unanticipated good.” ~Steve Maraboli   That is a really awesome quote.  So when you are faced with a nerve wracking situation, oh I don’t know, maybe this lady just said something nasty you, gave you the evil eyeball, and shook her head.  Then when you called her out on it to her face because she was making nasty comments under her breath, for real, you did “unanticipated good” and let it go when she said she was just joking…although clearly, she was not.  But you get my point.  Unanticipated good is actually a whole lot more than that, but you need to keep people on their toes.  Don’t sink down to whatever level they are going to.  Go the other way.  Towards the light.

And that my friends, is my 2 minutes of Cyber motivation.  Because clearly, there are people out there who need some good in their lives.  Let’s all try to be the better person this week.  Come on.  I know WE can do it.





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